Assistants are people who help you run your shop.

After you take control of Mira Luna, a girl named Shea will come to the shop asking for a part-time job. Shea will then become your first assistant. There are five other potential people to fill this position, but you can only have one working assistant at a time. Aside from Shea, the other assistants you can unlock are Danny, Hazel, Gordon, Deirdre, and Trevor.

Each assistant has their own unique way of being helpful. For instance, Hazel and Danny will always keep the stockroom full, while Trevor and Deirdre will occasionally sell an item on their own at the beginning of the day. Shea, being the starter assistant, does not have any attributes such as these.

Unlocking a new assistant can take time - you may need to remodel your shop many times before attracting one whose taste the shop appeals to. They will first appear in the shop like any other customer, but if you give them an satisfactory outfit that tailors to their personal taste, they have a high chance of returning to the shop the very next day. Fill up their stamp card with red stamps, and they will return once more and ask to work there. To unlock them, change the following themes:

Name Theme
Hazel Upscale (luxury)
Trevor Upscale
Deirdre Elegant
Gordon Elegant
Danny Any theme?
Shea Automatic after you open your own shop

Your assistants will talk to you occasionally, either complimenting your outfit or reminding you to keep some things in stock. They will make subtle suggestions, such as that they love the shop and maybe to restock some pop skirts. Sometimes, they will say "[insert shop name here] is on its way to fame!" or something of the sort.

You can also change your assistant's outfit, the same way you can change your own. Sometimes, they will change their outfit on their own, but you can still change it back. If you have a male assistant, dressing them is the only way you will be able to see the male-specific clothing in your closet.

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