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Brad in his work uniform

Brad is the delivery boy in Style Savvy: Trendsetters. He delivers the player's clothes when they buy from the Buyer's Center and when they win a contest (for the first ten times of winning only) or buy something from the Contest Hall. When delivering, he sometimes gets sidetracked and will talk to you, but he always politely tips his hat.

Appearance and PlacesEdit

Brad only appears at your apartment door to deliver things to you. The only other confirmed places he is seen is when he asks to see fireworks and when you see fireworks with him or in the park in summer. This is also the only time he wears something other than his uniform and hat.

Fireworks Date

Brad is tall and outside of work his style appears to be basic and contemporary.


It's possible to go on a date with Brad. He will take you out for fireworks sometime in the summer.
Fireworks with Brad

Fireworks with Brad


  • He works for his dad's delivery company.
  • It is implied he has feelings for the player.
  • Avery will gossip about him at after parties just as she gossips about everyone else.