Daphne greeting the player at the Buyer's Center

The Buyer's Center (PAL: Exhibition Hall), much like in the first game, is where the player goes to buy clothes for their boutique. When first arriving, the player is greeted by Daphne, or by Genevieve on Sundays. The Buyer's Center is split up into four floors. Once again, not all shops will be available every day. However, all of the shops that are available will have an exclusive item, instead of one each day.

When visiting a brand for the first time, the representiatives will give the player a free outfit to be sent to their home and shop. Visiting a men's brand will only send the clothing to their shop.

The ShopsEdit

The shops are divided by floors this time around: Women's brands on the first three floors, and men's brands on the forth floor. The player can navigate these floors using the right-side bar.

First FloorEdit

The first floor has these following brands:

Second FloorEdit

The second floor has these brands:

Third FloorEdit

The third floor is home to the remaining Women's brands:

Fourth FloorEdit

Due to only catering to men's fashions, all the brands reside here:

Unlocking BrandsEdit

Once several Premier Contests have been won, Daphne will come to your boutique and ask your opinion on which brands should be opened next. The brands one can choose from are: Zip Line, Kanokoi, PopQuiz, soymilk, Raven Candle, Marble Lily, and Harlow Heights. Zhade and Strava will be unlocked as your shop gets more popular, and Teatro Amare will be unlocked once the player has beaten the International Contest once.

Unlocking Men's brands will happen as the Premier Contests have been won.