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The player with Michaela

Style Savvy Trendsetters is not only centered around clothes but the characters who wear those clothes. The game features hundreds of characters each with a unique name.

In addition to everyday customers in your boutique there are major characters such as Michaela and Emmylou.

Your CharacterEdit

At the start of the game you create your own character. Your character can only be female and is offered a limited number of hairstyles and eyebrows at start-up.  

Face-shape, eyes, mouth, skin-colour, and height are all options avaiable for customization when you first create your character. These are one-time options until you win the Elite Contest, after which allows you to unlock 'Bonus' on the main menu.  Bonus allows the player to re-customize your character's characteristics without needing to start a new game. You can also change your gender to male in your profile edit.

Major CharactersEdit

Throughout the game the player will encounter a variety of characters more involved in the storyline. Some characters guide you through the game, others own shops or provide other services. Some in this list simply stand out somehow.


A number of customers will become your employee if you help them a number of times.  Employees can be male or female and each come with their own strengths.  You do not have to pay your employees and are free to dress them up as you like.

The employees are Shea (Maisie), Danny (Jake), Hazel (Preeti), Gordon (Sean), Deirdre (Lydia), and Trevor (Harvey).


There are hundreds of customers that may visit your boutique.  Each customer has his or her unique personality and taste in clothing.  Each customer has a stamp card, which they will get a stamp on with every purchase.  When they fill up their stamp card, they will move up a level.  The highest level is gold.  Certain customers will only visit a boutique if the shop is remodeled to feature a certain style.

For a list of customers you can help throughout the game, see List of Customers

Guest CharactersEdit

Characters from the first game will appear as ordinary customers in Trendsetters. They will allude to the first game, such as as saying that there is another girl who runs a boutique in their town, and that the player reminds them of her.

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