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Michaela and Avery greeting the player outside the Contest Hall

The Contest Hall is where fashion contests are held.  The location is not available at the start of the game, Michaela will eventually ask you to compete for the first time.

Each contest has its own theme based on a certain taste in clothing.  The themes will change each day.

​You unlock additional contests as you advance through the game. When you win a contest for the first time you get a Teatro Amare clothing item, after you beat a contest level 10 times you will only receive money as a prize.


Style Savvy Trendsetters Runway footage01:01

Style Savvy Trendsetters Runway footage

The video shown upon visiting the Contest Hall for the first time.

There are 4 contest levels: Beginner, Premier, Elite, and International.

Beginner ContestEdit

The first contest you can compete in. After beating this, you can unlock the Premier contest.

Premier ContestEdit

The second contest you can compete in.  After beating this, you can unlock the Elite contest.

Elite ContestEdit

The third contest you can compete in.  After beating this, you will see a special ending with Michaela, Avery, and other characters.  You can choose to take a photo with the character of your choosing.  This will only happen the first time you beat the Elite contest.

After you beat each contest 10 times you will unlock the final contest level, International.

International ContestEdit

The final contest you can compete in.  Like the Elite contest, you will see a special ending featuring many of the game's characters.  You can choose one character to take a photo with.


This is a list of all the Teatro Amare items you obtain from winning contests.

Number Name Color


Contest  Photo
Tiara International
Wedding dress


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