In the Contest Hall, there are four levels of Fashion Contests that a player can participate in: Beginner, Premier, Elite, and International.

Each contest has a theme based on a specific taste of clothing. The winner is determined by how well the player's outfit fits the theme.

There are various prizes a player can earn by winning contests. See the Contest Hall page for details.

Trick to win every single contest you enter:

  • When you're dressing up your model, go to the "Open Menu".
  • Then "Search".
  • Whatever the theme is for an example "A bold outfit head to toe", the taste thats in color is your goal.
  • In the "Search", go to "Taste" and then find that taste that the theme wants.
  • You will get a collection of items that fits the theme.
  • It is job to correctly match and coordinate with the theme.
  • Do not just throw things on your model because it's the taste of the theme. You will most likely get in 3rd in 4th place for not coordinating with the theme.

This will help you win, but it's still your job to coordinate. You just have all the clothing of that taste to help you find things easier and not mix up.