Cosmetics is what the player can wear to put their entire look together. There are six cosmetic brands and seven individual pieces that can be bought by themselves.

Individual CosmeticsEdit


Eyeshadow covers the majority of the eyelids, and is the most noticable when applied.


Goes around the lashes, and can be hard to notice unless in strong contrast with the eyeshadow.


Applied to the eyelashes, it can change the color as well as the length/shape of the eyelashes.

Colored ContactsEdit

Changes the player's eyecolor.


Used on the cheeks. Some blush colors can seem unnoticable, especially ones from the Naima brand.


Applied on the lips, it is as noticable as eyeshadow, and comes in just as many colors.


Gives a scent. It's unknown if this actually does anything or if it's just a personal change.

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