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Talking to a customer

There are hundreds of customers who will visit your boutique in Style Savvy Trendsetters.

The names of all the customers you've helped is listed in your Cell Phone.

Tips on Attracting CustomersEdit

Different customers are attracted to different styles. The main style your boutique specializes in can be shown through the interior and exterior of your shop.

However, this does not mean that you will get only that type of customer. Many other customers will still visit your boutique.

List of CustomersEdit

Note: In the PAL version of the game, most if not all of the characters have had their names, appearances and profiles changed.


Name Style


Abbie Pop
"She enjoys a good impromptu road trip with her sisters."
Abigail Edgy
"She keeps everything until it starts to fall apart at the seams."
Ada Asian-inspired
"She prefers to walk to work to get more exercise in her day."
Adelaide Luxury
"She could eat all day long if you let her."
Adele Princess "She draws cartoons in magic marker on her bedroom walls."
Adriana Feminine
"Her amazing can-do attitude is infectious to all who know her."
Adrienne Basic "A party hasn't started until she has arived with her famous dip!"
Aimee Asian-inspired "She prides herself on being unpredictable."
Alameda Girly/Boho-chic
"She takes power naps before tackling all of her homework."
Alba Basic
"She manages her brother's budding singing career."
Alena Gothic "She prefers breath mints to gum after eating lots of onions."
Aletha Pop
"She collects gorgeous candles but never lights them."
Alexa Luxury
"She and her granddad take turns winning at lawn darts."
Alexis Preppy
"She'd rather be an idealistic dreamer than a practical realist."
Alisha Sporty
"She's a helpful sort who's always wanted to live abroad."
Allison Bold "She's passionate about each new hobby she picks up."
Amelia Bold
"She never fails to save room for dessert, especially chocolate."
Amelle Luxury
"Her dad taught her everything she knows about fly-fishing."
Amethyst Girly "She is proud that she can trace her roots back to the Vikings."
Amity Basic "She likes Chow dogs for their fluffy manes and gruff demeanor."
Anastasia Girly
"Her friends trust her to keep her promises, and she lives up to it."
Andrea Gothic "She has spent a fortune in quarters at the video arcade."
Angelica Girly
"She loved gym class because she could outrun all the boys."
Angeline Preppy "She thinks glasses are cuter to wear than contact lenses."
Angie Edgy/Bold "She plays the pianoforte and builds pillow-and-piano forts."
Anita Flirty
"She's a member of the clean-plate club who hates leftovers."
Anna Bold/Edgy "She believes cleaning is a good way to relax when stressed."
Annabelle Preppy
"She's a no-nonsense girl who always helps out when needed."
Annabel-Lee Basic "She found that doing her own laundry is easier than expected."
Annette Preppy "She's the kind of girl you can trust with your darkest secret."
Annie Basic "She volunteers at a soup kitchen for the homeless on Sunday."
Annika Luxury
"She just opened a dog-walking business, and it's taking off!"
Anthea Basic/Feminine "She prefers eating toast when it's a little on the burned side."
Antoinette Asian-inspired
"She memorized the names of all the constellations."
Anya Boho-chic "She loves to scour secondhand stores for unique finds."
April Asian-Inspired "She's an introvert who thinks being outgoing is exhausting."
Ariadne Preppy
"She enjoys telling ghost stories at her friend's sleepovers."
Ashley Girly
"She's always freezing, so she carries a blanket everywhere."
Aster Asian-Inspired "She can't help but buy anything with a cute cat on it."
"She commutes to work perched on a wobbly unicycle."
Aubrey Bold "She is the musical daughter of a famous songwriting duo."
Aurora Luxury
"She dreams of becoming an ER doctor."
Austina Asian-Inspired
"She has a plan to sell her own signature pasta sauce."
Austyn Preppy
"She prides herself on baking French bread with a perfect crust."
Autumn Basic
"She likes to eat cereal for dinner, and this irritates her mother."
Avalon Bold/Girly
"She owns a huge teddy-bear collection that lives on her bed."



"She's an ambitious former model and a social butterfly."

Avril Gothic "She loves watching horror movies by herself in the dark."
Azusa Girly
"She's been working abroad for years and still misses home."
Babette Edgy "She wears contacts but has a hard time putting them in."
Bea Luxury
"She finds joy in the simplest of things, one day at a time."
Beatriz Pop "She eats her fries with mayo and dijon. No one likes her breath."
Belinda Princess
"She lives downtown to avoid driving in all that awful traffic."
Bella Flirty "She changes the sheets daily to get a perfect night's sleep."
Benita Luxury
"She prefers talking to little kids more than people her own age."
Bennie Bold
"She thinks the smellier the cheese, the better it tastes."
Bernadette Feminine
"She gets her best ideas while lounging in the bathtub."
Bernice Basic/ Bold
"She's always on the lookout for a juicy tidbit of gossip."
Bertha Luxury
"Her smile makes even the most fussy baby smile back."
Bertie Preppy/Bold/Edgy
"She prefers tea but likes to drink coffee out with friends."
Beryl Edgy
"She's known for bringing her chocolate brownies to parties."
Beth Boho-chic
"She reserves the right to change her mind whenever she wants."
Bethany Princess "She's into drinking retro soda pop in glass bottles."
Betty Sporty
"Her tropical saltwater aquarium is her pride and joy."
Bev Feminine
"She keeps a notebook of jokes for her debut in stand-up."
Beverly Flirty "She maneuvers her way to the front row at rock concerts."
Bitsy Princess "She's a tough gal who won't let anyone tell her what to do."
Blanche Flirty
"She knows how to throw a hand-tossed pizza like a pro."
Blondie Boho-chic "She sews her own doll clothes to go with her outfits."
Bonnie Boho-chic "Her favorite poetry is the kind that doesn't rhyme at all."
Brenda Edgy "She really knows how to make an adventure out of getting lost."
Briana Asian-inspired "She's like a human GPS with her amazing sense of direction."
Brienne Bold
"She takes an hour to decide what to wear, and it's agonizing!"
Brina Edgy
"She researches great white sharks at a marine-biology lab."
Britte Bold "She secretly enjoys watching chick flicks. Shhh--don't tell!"
Bronwyn Luxury
"She can sometimes be her own worst critic, and she hates that."
Brynn Preppy,Likes Color Brown
"She wants to visit Bali one day, but she can't stand humidity."
Bubbles Luxury/Bold
"Her fashion sense is as colorful and outrageous as she is."
Bunny Girly/Luxury "She's in the mood to play badminton when it's sunny out."
Caddie Basic "She has a fondness for salt-and-vinegar potato chips."
Calliope Luxury
"She never gets tired of eating spaghetti and meatballs."
Camille Preppy "She talks to her cats in wacky cartoon voices. They listen."
Carleen Edgy
"She can take anyone out in a snowball fight single-handedly."
Carlotta Bold/Edgy
"She's a bird-watcher who can identify any bird on sight."
Carmel Luxury "She collects nostalgic leaflets and flyers from old-timey events."
Carmen Feminine
"She's never been late and owns no clocks. She's secretly magic."
Carol Bold "She has a green thumb, just like her grandmother."
Caroline Princess "She enjoys making and wearing costumes for Renaissance fairs."
Carrie Princess "She seems laid back but springs into action at a moment's notice."
Cassidy Girly/Feminine
"She sleeps like a rock but can spring out of bed in an instant."
Celeste Bold
"She is confident in her skills as a world-class hairstylist."
Celine Flirty "She'll make a great pediatrician because she's good with kids."
Cerise Boho-chic "She's a text-messaging fiend who checks her spelling."
Chantelle Boho-chic "She speaks the language of the birds and claims they talk back."
Charity Girly "She flew to Spain to buy an authentic paella pan in Madrid."
Charlene Retro "She's always keeping people waiting, but doesn't realize it."
Charlie Luxury "She wants to become an award-winning journalist."
Charlotte Boho-chic/Asian-inspired/Preppy
"She grew up on a pineapple farm in a remote area of Hawaii."
Chava Boho-chic "She'll buy anything with a label claiming to be "all natural.""
Chelsea Edgy "She developed a line of skin-care products for oily problem skin."
Cherie Gothic
"She has a huge heart and loves to help out friends in need."
Cherri Asian-inspired "Her older brothers taught her how to drive--on a racetrack!"
Cheryl Preppy
"She's always ready for a heated debate as long as she wins."
Chloe Boho-chic "Her friends tolerate her food snobbery, but grudgingly so."
Christina Basic
"Her favorite food is spinach ravioli made from scratch."
Cilla Asian Inspired "She's shy, but she's funny once you meet and get to know her."
Cindy Preppy "She never has trouble deciding what to eat in restaurants."
Cissy Asian-inspired "She's in demand to do palm readings at Halloween parties."
Claribel Sporty "She'll fight you tooth and nail for the cherry on the sundae."
Claudia Edgy "She and her husband chaperone field trips for her son's school."
Cleo Edgy
"She puts together toy train sets in her basement."
Clo Asian-inspired "She sells her own vegetables at the local farmers market."
Coletta Princess "She believes her daily horoscope is true and plans her day by it."
Colleen Preppy/Boho-chic
"She raises prize chickens that lay blue-speckled eggs."
Concertina Sporty "She'll do whatever it takes to avoid blending in."
Cordelia Feminine
"She's given three years of her life to reading the fine print."
Corina Flirty "She avoids crowds because they always make her anxious."
Corinne Gothic
"She's secretly into steampunk costumes and comic bocks."
Cosette Flirty "Her essential accessory is always a simple bow."
Courtney Girly "She dresses up for work on casual Fridays."
Cymbeline Basic "She is a pop-music karaoke queen who can really belt it out."
Cynara Bold "She's memorized the city's map and knows all the shortcuts."
Cynthia Gothic "She studied to be a pastry chef in culinary school."
Cyrene Pop/Sporty "She rolls her eyes whenever someone calls her pretty."
Name Style Picture Profile
Dahlia Princess "She really believes that anything is possible if you try."
Daisy Boho-Chic
"She loves flowers as much as she loves telling fortunes.
Dakota Bold "Her fiery temper sends all her friends running for cover."
Dani Sporty "She thinks the scent of jasmine flowers helps her relax."
Daniella Girly "Grew up in a cold region and misses all the snow."
Danielle Gothic "Her pack-rat family upsets her tidy, well-ordered world."
Daphne Feminine/ Luxury
"She's very serious about her work for the Buyer's Center."
Darcie Flirty "She hopes to take over the family restaurant one day."
Darla Bold/Edgy "She gets her hair cut once a week to avoid any split ends."
Debs "She loves tidying up, so her room is utterly spotless."
Deirdre Feminine/Bold
"Her current obsession is making artisan cheeses at home."
Delia Basic "She loves to try weird and unusual ice-cream flavors for fun."
Delilah Edgy "She has a wonderful way of making people feel comfortable."
Denise Girly "She has a brother, but they look nothing alike."
Desdemona Pop "She likes to buy everything in bulk at big box stores."
Desiree Pop "She prefers taking baths to showering in the morning."
Destiny Luxury "Her arms are always covered in hurried notes and reminders."
Diana Luxury "She and her dog are the worst couch potatoes ever."
Dinah Asian-Inspired "She's always up until the wee hours figuring out her budget."
Diva Flirty "Her friends think she's a little self-infolved but like her anyway."
Dolores Bold "She has a million home remedies to help get rid of acne."
Donna Luxury "Her friends say she's brilliant but a little scatterbrained."
Doreen Edgy "Her favorite recipes are the ones she tears out of magazines."
Doris Girly "She'll swim in pools but never in lakes because of snakes!"
Dots Princess "She secretly thinks health shakes taste as awful as they look."
Drew Preppy "She dreams of helping lions at a wildlife-conservation park."
Eddie Princess "Her backseat driving drives everyone in the front seat crazy."
Effie Pop/Girly/Princess? "She's a people pleaser, and that really bothers her."
Elaine Flirty "Her friends can count on her to give them great directions."
Eleanor Basic She wishes she could be a little less serious most of the time!
Elena Asian-Inspired "She's creating her own line of handmade stuffed animals."
Eliana Sporty "She's at the top of her game in the mornings with coffee."
Elina Princess "She's never afraid to pick up scary-looking insects."
Elise Feminine/Bold "She likes to think of herself as frugal, not cheap.
Eliza Girly "Loves to eat, but can't stand anything spicy."
Ella Feminine/Preppy "She looks forward to eating breakfast food any time of day."
Elle Bold "She runs a popular face-painting booth at the state fair."
Ellie Princess "She writes a cooking blog on the fine art of soup making."
Elsa Retro "She thinks squirrels are just really cute backyard rats."
Elsie Asian-Inspired "Her favorite part of the cake is the giant clump of frosting."
Elysa Basic "She writes in her diary in a code that she invented. Keep out!"
Emiliana Retro "She writes a popular blog about vintage photography."
Emily Asian-Inspired "She doesn't mind waiting in long lines if she has a good book."
Emma Feminine "Her cell phone has a tendency to get lost in the weirdest places."
Emmy Pop "She only pretends to enjoy exercising at her expensive gym!"
Emmylou Luxury
"She's a friendly, stylish girl with a keen eye for fashion."
Erin Luxury "She dreams of becoming a famous R&B singer."
Esperanza Princess "She sketches people she sees on the bus, which is not popular."
Eva Feminine "She's taking a class on ancient warfare in China."
Evangeline Gothic "She loves focusing on the teeny, tiny details."
Fabienne Sporty "She eats peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches for lunch."
Faith Feminine/Preppy "She takes bubble baths with a rubber ducky before bedtime."
Fay Feminine "She often hosts very competitive game nights at her place."
Fern Preppy "She learned the fine art of embroidery from her grandma."
Fifi Sporty "She actually enjoys haggling over prices in foreign markets."
Fiona Basic "She never needs energy drinks to be on the go!"
Fiore Girly "She's much better at singing karaoke than she thinks she is."
Fleur Flirty/Basic "She's a board-game competitor who's always out to win."
Flo Pop "She loves to catch fireflies in the yard in summertime."
Fortuna Edgy "She gets lost a lot, but that lets her explore new areas."
Frances Basic "She always manages to be five minutes late. It bothers her."
Francesca Luxury "She's beaten trophy winners in arm-wrestling matches."
Franny Asian-Inspired "She has a collection of silk kimonos from travels in Japan."
Name Style Picture Profile
Genevieve Feminine
"She works part-time at the Buyer's Center, but only on Sundays!"
Gertrude Gothic
"She unfortunately manages to get lost wherever she goes."
Gillian "She fell in love with black forest cake on her trip to Germany."
Gina Bold/Edgy "She has a weakness for guys at school who wear glasses."
Giselle Bold "She believes it isn't possible to own too many shoes."
Glenda Luxury "She cultivates beautiful tea roses in her flower garden."
Grace Feminine
"She runs a boutique in a neighboring town."
Greta Flirty "Her parents make her practice her banjo-picking outside."
Guinevere Basic "She has asthma but is training every day for a half marathon."
Gwen Girly "She learned Japanese while watching anime movies as a kid."
Harmony Sporty/Pop/Basic? "She doesn't bother to keep a calendar--it's too much work!"
Hayley Bold "She collects used train tickets, but she hates to travel."
Hazel Bold "She's never afraid to let you know what she really thinks."
Heather Retro "She never leaves home without scented hand lotion."
Heidi Princess "She's planning to buy her very first car with her own money."
Helena Sporty
"She loves waking up to find a freshly delivered newspaper."
Helga Pop "She can't wait to turn off the e-mail and sleep in on weekends."
Hester Basic "She loves to come up with creative names for sandwiches."
Hilda Pop "She's really into early rock and roll and oldies music."
Holly Basic "She likes watermelon-seed-spitting contests in the summer."
Honey Girly "She has a shelf full of candy dispensers with cartoon heads."
Hope Sporty "She wants to succeed but has trouble staying on track."
Hyacinth Girly "She buys and sells rare books on her online store."
India Girly/Basic "She's a waitress at the cafe and has a thing for dinosaurs."
Inga Girly "She stays up late reading with a flashlight in bed."
Ingrid Bold/Asian-inspired "She gets her amazing makeup skills from her artsy grandmother."
Irene Girly "She dreams of being married with a family and a St. Bernard."
Isolde Asian-Inspired "She keeps a four-leaf clover pressed inside her diary."
Ivy Basic "She loves to run with her German shepard along the waterfront."
Name Style Picture Profile
J.C. Boho-chic "She is an optimistic girl who believes in her own abilities."
Jamie Girly/Flirty "She's training to be a baker just like her father before her."
Jamie-Lee Luxury "She's always prepared for extreme and stormy weather."
Janae Retro "She's never been in love with anyone and wonders if it's nice."
Janelle Flirty "She's managed to keep all her childhood friends from school."
Janet Edgy "She will eat anything lemon-flavored--but not lemons."
Janey Preppy "She has a fondness for anything at all "froggy," Ribbit!"
Janine "She spends all her cash on the most exciting carnival rides."
Jasmine Girly "Her lavishly decorated wedding cakes are always in demand."
Jasna Gothic "She drinks juice at restaurants but out of teacups to disguise it."
Jaye Retro "She speaks five languages, but not as fluently as she thinks."
Jen Princess "She loves riding her Arabian stallion in jumping competitions."
"She won a jump-rope competition in elementary school."
Jenny Luxury "Her friends tolerate her unpredictable mood swings."
Jerica Girly "She's going on a culinary-tour vacation in Thailand."
Jerry Ann Boho-chic "She's taking a year off to travel before heading to college."
Jessica Bold "She is proud to be called a bookworm by her friends."
Jet Retro "She's the star point guard of her college basketball team."
Jewel Bold "She has a soft spot for 1930s screwball comedies."
Jill Girly "She dreams of becoming a trapeze artist in a circus."
Jocelyn Feminine "She doesn't believe in guilty pleasures and won't apologize."
Jodie Girly/Basic "She's always had a hairstyle with bangs--before it was trendy."
Jolene Feminine "She still watches Saturday-morning cartoons in her pj's."
Josephine Feminine/Preppy "She eats the veggies that no one else likes. More for her!"
Judith Girly "She's a star of open-mic-poetry night at the local cafe."
Judy Princess "She won't allow anyone to see her burst into tears."
Julia Preppy "She's very vocal about her viewpoints, and she has so many!"
Julianne Girly "She starred in television commercials when she was a kid."
Julie Bold "She likes to crank it up with heavy-metal electric-guitar solos."
Juliet Girly "She's visited every major amusement park in the world."
June Asian-Inspired "She writes down all her dreams in a journal every morning."
Juniper Girly/Flirty "She loves lavender soaps, shampoos, and scented candles."
Juno Bold "She vowed she will never be a clutter bug like her grandparents."
Justine Flirty "She'll never be a benchwarmer on her basketball team."
K.C. Asian-Inspired "She writes a blog about celebrity hairstyles."
Kacey Luxury "She's always had a crush on her best friend, and he knows!"
Kallie "She was taught to always make a wish on a shooting star."


"She likes to pamper herself with spa treatments in hotels."


Boho-chic "She secretly likes it when guys talk about nerdy stuff."
Kari Preppy "She's not afriad to go for seconds when the food is good!"
Kassie Feminine "She lives on lollipops and beef stew, an odd combination."
Kat Feminine

"Her signature breakfast dish is blueberry pancakes."

Kate Pop "She raises rare, prize-winning orchids in her own greenhouse."
Kathleen Gothic "She'll never be too old to build sand castles at the beach."
Katie Bold "She salts and peppers all of her food before she even tastes it."
Katrina Edgy "She always keeps her ears open for the latest juicy gossip."
Katya Luxury "She gets annoyed when people don't care about recycling."
Kay Bold "She's tired of her little sister raiding her closet all the time."
Kayley Bold "She has a unicorn collection that no one has ever seen."
Keira Feminine/Preppy "She takes her knitting projects to every meeting she attends."
Kelly Sporty "Her cats have been known to steal food right off her plate."
Kelsie Girly "She rented a bouncy castle for her last birthday party."
Kevani Luxury/Feminine "She collects watches but never bothers to wear them."
Kiki Retro "She maintains that tea is, at its heart, the liquid form of a hug."
Kim Pop

"Her friends trust her to make all the plans, which gets tiresome."

Kimberly Chic "Can send Morse code at 10 words a minute."
Kirstin Boho-Chic "She believes bacon makes everything taste much better."
Kirsty Retro "She never had to share a room with her bratty little sister."
Korja Bold
"She never throws away any of her credit-card receipts."
Krissi Basic "She's never without her trusty bottle of sparkling water."
Kristin Pop "She learned to tailor clothes from her mom, an expert seamstress."
Laetitia Girly "She doesn't mind if hungry bugs invade her picnic."
Laney Flirty "She's in demand as a capable, take-no-prisoners nanny."
Lara Gothic "She dreams of being a modern-day Robin Hood."
Larissa Pop "If she can't have her snacks, she can get a little...cranky."
Laurel Pop/Sporty? "She'll believe in ghosts only when she sees one for herself!"
Lauren Preppy "She raises bees to make her own tasty floral honeys."
Leah Edgy "She's writing a book of her own homemade doughnut recipes."
Leila Girly "She's always been a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants kind of girl."
Lena Boho-chic "She's read every novel written by Jane Austen at least twice."
Libby Feminine "She's always in a hurry and eats fast food on the run."
Liberty "She just refuses to do things the easy way. It's hard to watch!"
Liddy Bold "She's always ready to strike up a discussion with random people."
Lilani Asian-inspired "She's fascinated by the idea of messages carried by pigeon."
Lilia Princess "She's a tight-lipped barista who never spills the beans."
Lily Retro "She's a social butterfly but can't stand caterpillars."
Lindsay Pop "She thinks fruity lip balms are the best gifts for girlfriends."
Liv Boho Chic "Her father is an astronomer who named a star for her"
Livia Pop "She's a dinosaur when it comes to new technology."
Liz Basic "She always sneezes 11 times in a row and just can't help it."
Lola Girly/Feminine "She takes trips to Europe to find designer clothing."
Lorina Pop "She admits she's an adult who still sleeps with a night light."
Lorna Sporty "She never drinks anything but sweet iced tea with lemon."
Lorraine Flirty "She never needs a good reason to wear cowboy boots."
Lotte Luxury "She likes to create new designs for clothing patterns."
Love Asian-inspired
"She loves to dress up her baby brother in stylish infant clothes."
Lucia Bold "She usually has a crush on the funniest class clown."
Lucinda Feminine "Her father is a master chef, and she's learning all his tricks!"
Lucy Feminine "She prefers real film to digital because of the grainy quality."
Lydia Pop "Her friends are well aware that she can't keep a secret."
Name Style Picture Profile
Mabel Edgy "She works as a sign-language interpreter for a TV station."
Macey Retro "She can't stop buying things off infomercials on late-night TV."
Mackenzie Bold "Her chocolate truffles make the best kind of stocking stuffer."
Maddy Girly "She prefers reading short stories over novels any day."
Mae Boho-chic "She raids her mom's closet for all her trendiest clothes."
Maeve Preppy "Her fashionable mom taught her all she knows about style."
Magda Princess "Her guy friends all have crushes on her, but she doesn't know!"
Magdelena Princess "She talks to her garden plants when she feels stressed."
Malia Feminine "She's the one who has chewing gum when you need it."
Mandy Flirty "She really knows how to throw a party everyone can enjoy."
Marcela Girly "She's everyone's favorite babysitter because she's tough."
Marcia Girly "She always starts new projects but never seems to finish them."


"She's an illustrator of a popular children's-book series."
Mari Edgy "She doesn't get why anyone would order Hawaiian pizza."
Maria Sporty "She likes to make decisions on the fly and never look back."
Mariah Boho-chic "Her how-to makeup videos are currently an Internet sensation."
Mariana Girly "She only orders chicken tenders and french fries."
Marie Feminine/Preppy "She sprinkles hot sauce on everything to kick up the flavor."
Marina Princess "She prefers soft-serve ice cream because she loves the swirls."
Mariposa Flirty "She goes to the movies just to eat the theater popcorn."
Marissa Bold/Flirty "She never leaves the house without applying lipstick first."
Marjorie Preppie "She adores getting a deal, even if she only saves a few pennies."
Marni Flirty "She's building her own motorcycle in the driveway."
Martha Sporty/Girly? "She's taken up the lost art of calligraphy and loves it."
Mary Girly "She anonymously sends flowers to her mother."
Mary-Beth Pop/Retro? "She takes forever to decide what to wear in the mornings."
Mary-Jane Pop/Retro "She's always had a good eye for design and all things artistic."
Mary-Kate Boho "Her black belt in karate is impressive to her guy friends."
Mary-Kay Pop "She was an eagle-eyed editor for her college newspaper."
Marylou Bold "She doesn't let setbacks discourage her from her goals."
Matilda Princess "She gets Indian food as spicy as possible to be more authentic."
Maureen Preppy "She can multiply large numbers in her head--an impressive talent."
Mavis Pop "She has trouble being in the moment and spontaneous."
Maxine Bold/Boho-chic? "She only goes to the mall so that she can people watch."
Meg Basic "She's a tightwad who turns off the heater to save more money."


"She recently got rid of her television to socialize more."
Melinda Gothic/Bold? "She's never self-conscious when she's on the dance floor."
Melisandra Feminine "She thinks cooked egg whites are too tasteless and rubbery."
Melissa Bold "She's the talented drummer in an all-girl classic-rock band."
Melody Asian-inspired "Her cats are all named for her favorite fairy-tale characters."
Mercedes Flirty "She loves making pies but thinks crusts just take too long."
Meredith Girly/Princess "Her bread pudding is a smash hit at holiday gatherings."
Mia Feminine "She can't be bothered to stick to a regular schedule."
Mica Preppy "She always has to be the center of attention--or else!"
Michaela Bold/Luxury "She's one of the most talented stylists in town."
Michelina Princess "She's a free spirit who doesn't stay anywhere very long."
Miki Boho-chic "She's dedicated her entire life to baking the perfect cupcake."
Milicent Flirty "She takes her own bags to the market to be eco-friendly."
Milla Gothic "She blushes easily when she's angry and frustrated."
Millie Asian-inspired "She names her pets after celebrities she has crushes on."
Mimi Bold "She doesn't look for trouble--it manages to find her everywhere!"
Min Princess "She hits up all the makeup counters for the free samples."
Mindy Feminine "She wishes she could live inside a modern-day fairy tale."
Minnie Girly "She drinks only bottled water--never water from the tap."
Mira Boho-chic "She doesn't regret making sacrifices for her loved ones."
Mirabel Edgy/Bold? "She'd rather backpack than stay in expensive hotels in Europe."
Miranda Asian-inspired "She goes gaga for fruit salad with marshmallows in it."
Mischa Retro/Luxury? "She's the top cellular biologist in her field--no easy feat!"
Moira Asian-Inspired "She's addicted to watching British costume dramas."
Molly Girly "She only spends five minutes a day on her makeup."
Morena Asian-inspired "She likes to drink tea with milk and sugar every day."
Morgana Asian-inspired "She gives horseback-riding lessons to kids on her farm."
Muriel Pop "She feeds all of the stray cats in her neighborhood."
Nadia Luxury "She loves the way the earth smells when the rain stops."
Nan Edgy "She marches to the beat of a different drummer, they say."
Nana Boho-chic "She became vegetarian on a dare. She hates vegetables."
Naomi Girly "She became vegetarian on a dare. She hates vegetables."
Natalie Bold/Edgy "She prefers to go hiking alone to feel closer to nature."
Natalya Bold "She can start a campfire by rubbing two sticks together."
Natasha Pop "Can't resist a freebie. Loves eating sweets."
Nell Bold "She's klutzy and trips a lot, which she thinks is funny."
Nene Retro "She keeps a list of movies that make her break out the tissues."
Nettie Basic/Sporty? "She taught herself to make homemade naan from a recipe."
Nicole Girly "She hopes to open a video-game museum after she gets a loan."
Nicolette Preppy "She likes to collect ticket stubs from each show she's seen."
Nigella Girly "She has vowed she will never, ever cut her hair short."
Nik Bold "She prefers to put a positive, upbeat spin on things."
Nikita Pop "She is powerless against the impact of a sad-puppy face."
Nina Sporty "Her friends trust her to always give them good advice."



"She loves her well-earned reputation as a fashionista."

Octavia Pop "She can guess your zodiac sign and tell you all about it!"
Olive Retro "She has trouble cleaning out the clothes in her closet."
Olivia Boho-chic "She refuses to stop and ask for directions and won't buy a map."



"She believes in standing out in a crowd."

Oriole Princess "She thinks dotting her i's with hearts makes her seem cute."
Name Style Picture Profile
Paige Edgy "She's athletic and competitive but isn't into team sports."
Pamela Feminine "She's convinced she'll never need calculus in the future."
Pandora Pop "She can keep a straight face in any awkward situation."
Patricia Bold "She simply can't stand unripe bananas and dull pencils."
Patsy Preppy "Her high-pitched cackle happens to be extremely contagious."
Paula Boho-chic "She got her braces off last year and hasn't stopped smiling."
Pauline Preppy "She prefers sending snail mail to all her foreign pen pals."
Pearl Pop "She's stubborn about trying new foods for fear of the unknown."
Peggy Girly "Her sixth sense always gets her out of every sticky situation."
Peggy-Sue Pop "She inherited her dad's stash of super-hero comic books."
Persephone Retro/Bold? "She would rather carry a handkerchief than use tissues."
Petal Gothic "She builds an igloo in her yard every winter when it snows."
Petunia Sporty "She can't stop laughing once she's started."
Polly Pop "She can't wait to jump out of bed every morning!"
Pollyanna Luxury "She sleeps through her alarm every day, to her horror."
Poppy Gothic "She'd rather poke through a used-book store than sightsee."
Portia Basic "She's stubborn and likes to figure things out for herself."
Princess Bold "She's always wanted to live in a place where it rains a lot."
Priscilla Boho-Chic "She loves the ocean but is nervous about being on boats."
Prissa Boho-Chic "Her mom runs a ballet studio, so she grew up on pointe."
Pru Asian-Inspired "She prefers living alone to having a bunch of roommates."
Prudence Boho-Chic "She can be trusted to always give 100 percent. No less."
Rae Bold "She sells handmade jewelry online and is very successful."
Rainie Luxury "She dreams of climbing Mount Everest someday."
Ramona Asian-inspired/Boho-chic "She makes peanut brittle on rainy days when she's at home."
Raven Retro/Pop "She often accidentally wears socks that don't match."
Rebekah Princess "She wishes she could be a heroine in an anime TV series."
Reece Feminine "She just can't help but do a little eavesdropping."
Renee Bold "She works at a boutique in a neighboring town."
Rhoda Girly "She's studying to be on a popular trivia game show."
Rio Bold "She is a bit overprotective of her three little brothers."
Rita Feminine/Preppy "She plays video games with her little brother."
River Luxury "She carves wooden tops to sell at carnivals and fairs."
Robin Luxury "She declared she will never buy a cell phone but may cave."
Rochelle Retro "She wants to be the arrogant star of her own reality-TV show."
Rocoquette Bold "Her style icon is the famous Phoenix of Fashion, Rococco."
Rory Feminine "She slathers on the sunblock because her skin is so sensitive."
Rosa Pop "She is training to become a dramatic soprano opera singer."
Rose Feminine/Luxury/Bold "She and her twin sister often fight over the last doughnut."
Roseanna Feminine "She gets asked to bring the dessert at dinner parties."
Rosemary Preppy "She's in love with experimenting with her new bread machine."
Rosie Girly "She's a secretary by day but fights crime at night."
Roxana Retro "She'll only meet with you by appointment, but she'll be late."
Roxanne Edgy "She thinks expensive moisturizers are better than store brands."
Ruth Boho-chic "She believes owls are a symbol of mystical and ancient wisdom."
Ruthanne Girly "Her cooking experiments turn out to be disasters."
Sabrina Gothic "She's the sort of girl who talks first and asks questions later."
Sadie Edgy "She loves seeing plays but is not partial to musicals."
Saffron Pop "She thinks it's possible to colonize Mars in the future."
Sally Luxury "She's an impulse buyer who has a hard time waiting for sales."
Samantha Asian-inspired "She always picks rainbow sherbet over ice cream."
Samara Bold "She makes all of her tasty salad dressings from scratch."
Sandra Princess "She'll do anything once to impress a guy she likes."
Sapphire Basic/Girly "She hates messes but doesn't enjoy cleaning one bit."
Sarah Retro "She says her last meal would be fish-and-chips with vinegar."
Sarita Pop "She's a psychic with a quirky life. Ready the sitcom contracts."
Sasha Gothic "She thinks her vintage lava lamp is totally groovy, man."
Savannah Pop/Retro "She'd never give up her cheesy boy-band posters for anything."
Scarlet Basic "She is often mistaken for a man when she answers the phone."
Selena Retro "She's a sucker for cute baby animals featured on mugs."
Selene Girly "She comes from a long line of traveling-circus clowns."
Serena Pop "She enjoys feeding her tortoise by hand, but only if he's nice."
Shae Luxury "Her recording career as a rapper is only just beginning."
Shandra Boho-chic "She can fall asleep anywhere, anytime! It's her superpower."
Shania Feminine "She can't wait for beach-volleyball season to arrive."
Sharla Feminine "She worries about being judged on her awful spelling errors."
Sharon Girly "She wants to be a hip-hop dance choreographer for TV."
Shayna Girly "She taught her pet parakeet how to talk rudely to strangers."
Shayla Retro "She's never been able to hide her feelings, and it's hurt her."
Shea Pop "She's a bit of a scatterbrain but works hard to make up for it."
Sheena Flirty "Her big sister is her greatest inspiration for her artwork."
Sheila Gothic "She can just never say no to homemade apple pie."
Shelby Boho-Chic "Her monkey impression is a big hit with the guys."
Shirley Retro "She has a strange fascination for the deadliest jellyfish."
Sibyll Boho-chic/Basic "She's a superstitious person, but she doesn't like to tell!"
Silvana Gothic "She refuses to take the last piece of anything to be polite."
Siri Gothic "She lives on a dairy farm, but you would never have guessed."
Skye Basic/Girly? "She is an expert at fish-bone braiding and can teach you how!"
Snow Pop "Her hobbies are weird and strange to everyone but her."
Sofia Girly "She's glad the '80s styles have came back with a bang!"
Sophie Pop "She can't stand sunsets because they make her cry."
Stacey Luxury "She believes dolphins built AND sank the lost city of Atlantis."
Stacia Luxury "Her motto is "Forgive and forget," and she practices it."
Star Princess "She's grossed out by the fact that she bites her own nails."
Stef Luxury "She collects antique porcelain dolls she buys at garage sales."
Stella Bold "She won't rest until she's the most famous stylist in town."
Stephanie Princess "She snores so loudly she wakes herself up with all the racket."
Stormy Princess "She's not afraid to have caffeine just before bedtime."
Strawberry Retro "She's not afraid to crack into a plate of crab legs on a date."
Sue Preppy "She knows how to make you see things her way. Watch out!"
Sugar Flirty "Her PhD thesis was on monarch-butterfly migration."
Summer Princess/Pop "She was her dorm's table-tennis-tournament champion."
Sunny Asian-inspired "She seems aloof, but it's really just her painful shyness."
Suzanne Sporty "She can't whistle, but she wants to figure out how to do it."
Suze Pop "She rides the bus to work to have more time to read."
Suzette Gothic "She exercises before bedtime to help herself fall asleep."
Sybil Asian-Inspired "She takes fencing lessons to keep herself in shape."
Sydney Gothic "She believes there is intelligent life on other planets."
Name Style Picture Profile
Tabitha Princess/Preppy "She can tell you the whole story of the man in the moon."
Talia Bold "She's taken up kickboxing and wants to own her own gym."
Tamara Gothic "She's in love with silent movies for the great soundtracks."
Tameka Luxury "Her friends think she's naive; she thinks she's optimistic."
Tammy Girly "She's a runner who recently discovered the high jump."
Tamsin Retro "She once brought bees, a horn, and firecrackers to school."
Tanita Bold "She volunteers at a shelter for stray cats but is allergic to them."
Tanya Girly "It takes her an hour every day to do her hair, and it shows."
Tara Luxury "She's never had a job she didn't love and likes it that way!"
Taylor Boho-chic "She painted the walls in her bedroom cotton-candy pink."
Teagan Bold "She turns into another person when she's behind her camera."
Tia Pop "She's always suspected that fairies aren't make-believe."
Tiff Sporty "She'll use any excuse not do to a boring pile of laundry."
Tilda Gothic "She'd rather just take her time and watch the clouds go by."
Tilly Boho-chic "She makes and sells her own cheeses at her dairy farm."
Tizzy Girly "She tries her best to resist eating raw cookie dough."
Tomasina Preppy "She's a florist, but she thinks roses are bland and overrated."
Torey Feminine "Her friends jokingly refer to her as "the gym rat.""
Tricia Edgy "She can text with one hand faster than everybody she knows."


"She wants to try sea urchin, but she's afraid of the spines."
Tristan Flirty/Bold "She's a makeup artist who, as a kid, put lipstick on a fish."
Trixie Girly "She learned Swahili while in the Peace Corps in Tanzania."
Trudy Sporty "She is a reigning golf champion who's known for her swing."
Tuesday Sporty "She traded in her car for a bicycle and loves the change."
Uma Bold "She keeps her diary under lock and key in a top-secret place."
Valerie Girly "She's starting an organic-vegetable farm to go to school."
Vanessa Pop "She imagines clouds tastes like crumbles of feta cheese."
Vanya Sporty "She's the kind of girl who won't give up when it gets rough."
Vera Basic/Girly "She's been known to turn the heater way up, even in summer."
Verity Feminine "She has tiny feet and loves to talk about how lovely they are."
Victoria Luxury "She's a square-dance caller on the weekends. Yee-haw!"
Vikki Girly "She loves to try out new restaurants with old friends."
Viola Pop "She wants to carve out more time for volunteering."
Violet Feminine "She and her twin sister often fight over the last doughnut."
Vivian Girly? "Her favorite sea creature is the elusive blue-ringed octopus."
Vivienne Sporty/Basic "She believes love at first sight actually happens to people!"
Name Style Picture Profile
Wendy Girly "She likes fish sticks, and she's not apologizing for that."
Whitney Girly? "Her obsession with her new car is starting to worry her friends."
Willow Pop

"She entered and won an archery tournament to impress someone."

Winifred Boho-chic "She still reads children's books for all the drawings."
Winnie Feminine "Her only weakness is delicious, crunchy, puffed-cheese snacks."
Wren Feminine "She drinks jasmine tea every day to ward off stress."
Wylma Preppy "Her health-food obsession is driving her friends nuts."
Yasmin Bold "She starts books but never bothers to finish them."
Yelena Preppy "She can spend hours applying tiny jewels to her nails."
Yolanda Preppy "She's terrible at bowling, but that never stops her."
Yvonne Feminine "She laughs when she sees a cat on a leash looking irritated."
Zadia Girly "She thinks the Ferris wheel is the scariest carnival ride."
Zoe Pop? "She's happy to let someone else clean if she can get out of it."

Men Edit

Name Style Picture Profile
Aaron Contemporary
"He's a father of one who still has a little growing up to do."
Adrian Luxury "He's never seen without an energy drink at the ready."
Alan Preppy "He has a GPS in his car, but he refuses to use it."
Albert Bold "He grows tomatoes in the minigarden on his balcony."
Alex Contemporary "He's a natural athlete who can excel in any sport he tries."
Alistair Bold "He's secretly in love with websites about silly cat tricks."
Andy Contemporary "He first fell in love in the sandbox in kindergarten."
Anthony Contemporary "He's a carpenter who never gets any splinters in his fingers."
Antonio Contemporary "He admits to watching and liking the most cheesy soap operas."
Archie Luxury "He tries not to judge people based on appearances."
Arthur Basic
"He's been known to fall asleep while standing up."
Asher Luxury
"He'd rather be lounging around his house in his pajamas."
Barry Contemporary "He works the night shift, so he rarely sees the sun."
Beck Luxury "He's not afraid to help himself to seconds of anything delicious."
Benjamin Contemporary
"He refuses to live without his luxury sports car."
Billy Bold/Edgy "He is obsessed with reality-TV shows about runway models."
Bradley Contemporary/Luxury "He never empties the junk that accumulates in his pockets."
Brandon Contemporary "He trusts himself to do things his way so it's done right."
Byron Contemporary
"He spends too much time on his computer, and he knows it."
Colin Contemporary "He's always the first one out on the dance floor at a party."
Colm Contemporary "His guilty pleasure is movies about tragic love stories."
Cormac Contemporary "His reading interferes with his attempts at a social life."
Craig Contemporary "He's the wild and eccentric front man of a hard-rock band."
Name Style Picture Profile
Damian Luxury "He drives a hybrid car to feel good about his carbon footprint."
Dan Bold "He carries his own pair of chopsticks in a metal case."
Danny Contemporary "He'll only sleep in the finest silk pajamas imported from Europe."
Darrell Bold "His pockets are always full of essential peppermints."
David Luxury "He's the kind of guy who can't stand losing to anyone."
Dennis Bold "He collects ugly modern-art pieces for the shock value."
Derek Luxury "He's planning to go camping in the wild Austrailian outback."
Dom Contemporary/Basic "He always orders the biggest sizes of burgers and fries."
Dominic luxury "He owns a magnificent estate in a nearby city."
Earl Contemporary/Basic "He can never be found without his flip-flops and sunglasses."
Eric Contemporary "He prefers to go on vacations alone so he won't have to plan."
Evan Basic/Luxury "He has a website dedicated to his random doodlings."
Felix Contemporary "He walks his puppy in the park to meet and talk to girls."
Frank Contemporary "He's taking the bus to go green and save gas money."
Name Style Picture Profile
Gabe Contemporary/Boho-chic "He loves the strong, musky scent of patchouli cologne."
Gary Edgy "He likes to think the world only revolves around him."
George Contemporary/? "He just can't say no to pets who need a good, loving home."
Gordon Contemporary "He spends nearly an hour on his hair each day--and it's worth it."
Greg Contemporary "He prefers hopping on the subway to taking the bus."
Harris Luxury(?) "He owns the local furniture shop, but his place is minimalist."
Harry Edgy "He doesn't like crumbs in his bed or on his couch."
Herman Basic "He often gets caught sitting at his desk daydreaming away..."
Hugh Contemporary "He plays with his hair when he gets nervous on dates."
Ian Basic, Luxury "He's a man who's not afraid to admit that he enjoys knitting."
Name Style Picture Profile
Jack Luxury/Bold "He actually enjoys the huge task of helping his friends move."
Jack Edgy "He inherited his dad's collection of really loud neckties."
Jackie Basic "His card tricks are always a hit with the women at the parties."
Jacob Luxury "He always plays center in basketball because he's so tall."
Jason Contemporary "He graduated with honors in electrical engineering."
Jeff Basic "His father is his biggest hero, but he's never told him so."
Jim Luxury "He spends more time styling his hair then you might guess."
Joe Contemporary "He's always late, even though he jogs everywhere he goes."
Joel Contemporary "He's afraid he's living off of fast food and takeout."
Johnny Bold "He was his class's valedictorian and is known for his smarts."
Jonah Boho-Chic "His obsession with ninjas and samurai started in childhood."
Josaiah Basic/Preppy "He prefers to roll up his sleeves when he's getting to work."
Josh Contemporary "She eats, sleeps, and breathes professional wrestling."
Keith Bold/edgy/Luxury "His friends joke about the size of his enormous ego."
Kevin Contemporary "He's growling red Roma tomatoes in pots on his patio."
Kris Basic "His best ideas come to him in the shower in the morning."
Kurt Bold "He used to be a sideshow clown who juggled chain saws."
Kyle Basic "He's a man's man, and everyone knows that about him.
Lars Luxury "He looks a lot more serious than he really is--don't be fooled!"
Lee Bold "His horrifying table manners could use a little work."
Leo Contemporary "His career as a stand-up comedian is only just beginning."
Lloyd Bold "His year in the Peace Corps in the Congo changed his life."
Logan Luxury "He has all of his handmade wool suits tailored in Italy."
Louis Basic "He likes dipping his french fries into anything but ketchup."
Luke Contemporary "He enjoys his repuation as a loner mystery man."
Name Style Picture Profile
Mack Basic "He uses any excuse to go out for long, leisurely drives."
Mark Edgy "His friends turn to him for fashion advice, which is kind of funny."
Martin Contemporary "He has a musical ear and can figure out any tune on the piano."
Matt basic "He's a pushover who caves to the power of persuasion."
Max Luxury "He was the rowdy child of strict British schoolteachers."
MC Mode Luxury "Switch from silent mode to MC Mode! Yeah!"
Michael Luxury "He's a look-alike for a famous celebrity--guess which one!"
Mikey Contemporary "He never orders the same thing twice. He likes variety."
Nathan Contemporary "His toothy smile is irresistible, and he's well aware of it."
Neil Bold "He believes that everyone is able to create their own fate."
Nick Contemporary "His hair grows so fast he has to get it cut almost every week."
Nigel Contemporary "He could give up eating meat, but never seafood!"
Oliver Contemporary "When he sees sushi, his stomach takes over completely."
Owen Luxury "He needs complete solitude to work on his book of poetry."
Name Style Picture Profile
Patrick Bold
Peter Basic, contemporary "He often sleeps right through his alarm clock AND breakfast."
Phillip Contemporary "He polishes his prized baseball glove before bed every night."
Ralph Basic "His best friends are all women because they like to talk."
Reed Contemporary "His little sister claims he's the greatest brother in the world!"
Richard Basic "He would never admit to crying at movies--but he totally does."
Rick Bold "He likes passionate people with strong personalities."
Robert Contemporary "He has so much back luck he believes he might be cursed."
Rogan Contemporary "He is the owner of Aeronef."
Roger Contemporary "He's a very gifted public speaker who gets invited to events."
Ronald Bold "He's got a thing for garlic and sprinkles it on everything."
Ryan Luxury "He'd like to work in a cafe but can't stand the smell of coffee."
Sam Bold "He doesn't do early mornings or late nights, so don't ask."
Scott Bold? "He often gets his popular expressions mixed up."
Sebastian Bold/Contemporary "He thinks being a DJ in a club is a great way to meet girls."
Shane Basic/Contemporary "He's into fantasy role-playing games that involve rolling dice."
Simon Contemporary "He doesn't spend time contemplating his actions."
Spencer Bold/Contemporary "He taught himself to cook while living in a dorm room in college."
Stephen Basic "His sister calls his motorbike a chopper because it's cool."
Name Style Picture Profile
Ted Basic "He doesn't get why men think yogurt is girly food."
Tim Contemporary "He works best when he's under extreme amounts of stress."
Tobias Contemporary "He left his job as a stockbroker to spend more time surfing."
Tom Bold "He loves his job as a kindergarten teacher."
Tommy Contemporary "He usually goes for the easy way out, and he's fine with that."
Tony Bold "His greatest love is his precious vintage skateboard."
Trent Contemporary "He learned how to tie a necktie from an online video."
Trevor Luxury/Bold "He loves to drive his little sister around town in his sports car."
Vincent Luxury "He switches from drinking coffee to tea in the afternoons."
Name Style Picture Profile
Wally Boho-chic "He doesn't mind if you call him a workaholic."
Warren luxury "He knows what's what about everyone in town."
Will Luxury/Bold "His ultimate dream job would be video-game testing."
Zakir Luxury/Contemporary "He doesn't shy away from challenges or responsibilities."

List of Characters (PAL)Edit

Name Style


Anna Rock

The youngest of five siblings. Loves cleaning.

Abbie Goes out driving at the weekend. Adores curry.
Adelaide Chic Likes pasta. Likes rice. Likes fish. Likes meat.
Afsana Into the supernatural. Always top of her class.
Aiya Loves nothing more than a good bargain
Alba Has a brother who works as an entertainer
Alena Gothic Can't swallow tablets. Loves lozenges
Alexis Preppy A real dreamer. Fidgets a lot.
Ambra Gothic Drinks coffee before she goes to bed.
Ameena Lively Has so many candles it's a real fire hazard.
Amelia Dreams of becoming a food critic.
Angelica Girly Was always the first one picked for a team in PE.
Angeline Always carries a cloth for wiping her glasses
Anita Glam Always eats everything on her dinner plate
Ann Baby Doll She'd love to have her own pony stables.
Annabelle Brisk about everything. A remarkable golfer.
Annett People often confide in her. Often feels sleepy.
Annie Enjoys helping people out. A calm individual.
Annika Chic Professional dog walker. A great sprinter.
Archana Takes a pack of tissues wherever she goes
Ashley Girly She always feels cold so hates air conditioning
Ava Girly Holidays in East Asia. Learning Chinese.
Beatriz Lively Can't have anything but mayonnaise on salad.
Belinda Baby Doll Lives in the centre of town. Loves sweets.
Beryl Worries a lot about her skin. Loves chocolate.
Beth Ethnic Changes her mind a lot. Likes happy songs.
Bhumika Lively Has a crush on a bus driver.
Blanca Gothic Passionate about music. Loves her pretty hair.
Blanche Glam Loves to make pizzas from scratch.
Bronwyn Chic Is always too hard on herself. Likes gardening.
Camille Eastern Swears she can talk to cats.
Carmen Lively Will never be late for an appointment.
Carol Loves her pillow. Grows bonsai as a hobby.
Caroline Baby Doll Eats omelette for breakfast every day.
Carrie Girly Good at expressing her own opinion.
Celeste Feminine Takes long baths. Good at massages.
Celine Glam A doctor in the making. Studies very hard.
Cerise Ethnic Attentive an thorough. Enjoys tidying up.
Cerys Has dainty hands. Works hard behind the scenes.
Charity Girly (?) Likes collecting antique teacups from Spain.
Charlie Studying to be a journalist. Likes tea.
Christina Lively Skilled with a pair of chopsticks. Loves pasta.
Clarissa Bold A genius hairdresser. Eats well, sleeps well.
Cleo Gothic A train enthusiast. Gets tired easily.
Coletta Baby Doll Believes her horoscope. Breaks a lot of plates.
Colleen Preppy Can crack an egg open with one hand
Cordelia Feminine A real stickler for the details.
Corinne Gothic Very easy going. Loves drinking banana milk.
Courtney Recently took up yoga. Takes Fridays seriously!
Cynthia Can make six different kinds of cheesecake.
Daniella Girly Grew up in a cold region and misses all the snow
Darcie Simple Loves cooking but isn't so big on eating.
Davina Lively Collects retro comic books from America.
Debbie Baby Doll(?) A bit of a lone wolf. Leads her life her way.
Elena A waitress at the cafe. Likes dinosaurs.
Ellie Very good at small talk.
Elspeth Get her make-up skills from her grandmother.
Emmy Hates exercise but tries to eat healthy.
Evie One of the most talented stylists in town.
Faye Exhibition Hall attendant on Sundays.
Fiore Has the voice of an angel in karaoke
Fran Washer her hair every day. Likes jasmine tea.
Geordie Loves to buy cartoon character merchandise.
Gina Is studying Latin. Loves guys in glasses.
Holly Frank and helpful. Melon is her favourite flavour.
Jill A big fan of instant soup.
Jocelyn She knows what she likes.