MC Mode announcing the theme at the Premier Contest.

David "MC Mode" Larson is the DJ and host for the Contests that are held at the Contest Hall in Trendsetters.

He is wildly eccentric, often speaking in "mode", and is eager to put the player character on the fashion map. He, along with Avery, are Contest Officials.


MC Mode has tan skin and wears a pair of sunglasses over his eyes. He has dirty blonde hair with yellow fringe at the back.

His normal attire for Fall and Winter is a red, black, and gold outfit. For summer and spring he switches to a lighter black jacket with a colorful print over a shirt, a white hat, and gloves.

Places In the GameEdit

He is mainly found every night at the Contest Hall once it is unlocked. You cannot speak to him, and he is only seen in the beginning and ending cutscenes.

He is also a model that Avery will bring to the player's shop in order to buy him a costume for a movie. His style needs to be Basic or Contemporary.

When the final theme of the Elite Contest is won, and the first theme of the International Contest is won, the player is taken to a special photoshoot and a walk down the runway. MC Mode is one of the people that the player can choose to walk with them down the runway and be in a special photo with just the two of them. Upon winning these, the next day he and Avery will show up at the shop, with flowers and, winning the International Contest, a tiara for being the best of the best.


"But don't be jelly, babies!"

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