The Makeup Studio (PAL Beautician), owned by Ingrid (PAL Elspeth), is where players can change buy cosmetics, as well as letting a Makeup Artist do their makeup for them. When buying cosmetics from a brand, players have the choice of choosing Full Sets or Indivual Items. When buying a full set, everything is applied, however once applied individual changes can be made.

There are six makeup brands.

Brand Name




ADELIA uses relaxed shades for a classy, confident look

Jolli Lolli

MiNi MiMi

Jolli Lolli uses vibrant colors and styles that pop!

Lola Doux


Lola Doux is the perfect makeup for a sweet, girly look.
Naima Naima uses natural minerals and gentle colors for an honest beauty.



ROKSANA bewitches with dark, dramatic colors and styles.


Enid Chen

Zhade uses lush colors and the finest ingredients available

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