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Player with Michaela

Michaela (PAL:Avery) is your boss at Mira Luna and your guide in the beginning of the game into the world of fashion. She has you help with the customers to get a feel for what Taste is, and has you often go out to buy items from the Buyer's Center. Michaela likes to demonstrate what certain tastes are by having your co-worker, Emmylou try them on! Michaela has a very passionate, "give it your all" type personality. She gives everything her 110%, and expects you to do the same. Michaela was, and still is, considered one of the most talented stylists in town. According to Emmylou, Michaela and her model, Avery made it to the Elite Contest. Michaela seems to be friends with just about everyone in town, especially Avery. She will compliment you on Bold outfits. She's Voiced By Carolyn Hennesy

HNI 0052

Michaela in Mira Luna


She is considered one of the best stylists in town, and is very good friends with Avery, a former model that worked with Michaela. It seems as if she never forgets a customer.


Michaela wears her hair in the Fringed Straight style with a chocolate (or chestnut) as her hair color. She has no highlights. Her outfit changes with the seasons, like most of the characters in the game.

In the PAL region's version of the game, Michaela is replaced by Evie. Most characters only have minor changes across versions. However, Evie looks very different to Michaela. She wears her hair in the Messy Bob in Sandy Blonde. She has no highlights. Her eyes are brown. She has light skin and wears minimal makeup.

HNI 0046-0

Michaela (Evie) in PAL version of game.

Style Interests Edit

She will compliment you on Bold clothing and will buy Bold, Edgy, or Luxury clothing. She is also known to like Feminine clothing.


Being researched


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