Models Edit

Before coordinating an outfit, hair, or makeup for a contest, you must choose a model. Each model has a signature walk.

List of Models Edit

Name Image Best Styles Bio Level
Bette Why pick me? Well, I've practiced my runway walk so much I don't remember how to walk normally! Beginner
Lorena I'm super competitive, and I can't stand losing. I will seriously do whatever it takes to win for you! Beginner
Mona I honestly can't get enough attention, so modeling is, like, totally the perfect job for me! Beginner
Lyza I started modeling to try and improve my self-confidence. You probably won't pick me, though. Beginner
Georgina I shine so bright on the runway that most people have to wear sunglasses if they want to watch me! Premier
Prissie Why do I have to write something? I mean, you're hiring me for my good looks and killer walk, right? Premier
Rhonda There isnt a single outfit I don't look good in. Don't believe me? Pick me and see for yourself! Premier
Jaqueline I love fashion, and I love standing out from the crowd. Believe me, my potential is second to none! Premier
Indigo I was born to be a model. Its what I live for! I totes have the best walk ever too. I'll blow your mind! Premier
Devondra Girly When I'm in the spotlight, my skin shines like a vampire! Don't worry though-- I'm totally human. Premier

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