The Photo Center is a place where Teagan will take professional photos of the player. A solo photo is $20, and she will give you three photos to go to your album. It is open every day from Morning until Night, closing only during Late Night. You can take as many photos a day as you wish.

Solo PhotosEdit

These are available to the player once the Photo Center is open. They cost $20, and the player is given a choice of backdrop and pose. Backdrops range from being patterns, to locations within the game, to brand names. When choosing a pose, there is the choice of Casual, Sassy, Bold and Fun. Once the backdrop and pose is chosen, Teagan will take three photos. If the player doesn't like the photos, they can retake them, or if they do buy them, where they will be found in the album in the cellphone. Retaking photos, even with the same pose, will yield different results.

Group PhotosEdit

After winning the International Contest, Michaela will meet the player at their shop and offer a celebratory photoshoot. The mechanics are the same, with choosing a background and a pose.

[Unsure if group photos become a regular option later in the game other than this instance.]

After International Contest, people like Michaela, Reed, and Phillip will come once in a while to get a new outfitt from you and also get a group photo with you too.

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