Profile Cards is an application on the cellphone that will be seen by other players when being Streetpassed or in the Fashion Plaza. It is seperated into three pages, this first being information on your in-game store, the second being information on your character, and the third being your Stylist Pick Settings.

Your Profile CardEdit

When editing, you have a wide variety of options. When in Edit Mode, you can change your character's name, birthday, as well as everything on the second and third pages. You can also change your profile picture, which you can choose any photo you choose that is in your album. This is where you would activate or deactivate Streetpass.

First PageEdit

This is, roughly, how the first page looks like:

Name: Your character's name   Birthday: Your character's birthday

Cards Exchanged: How many people you've streetpassed.
Contest Rank: Your current rank in the Contests.
Your Funds: How much money you have. This does not include Shop Funds.
First Played: When you first started.

Shop Name: Your shop name.

Shop Funds: How much money your shop has. Seperated from the personal funds.
Shop Code: Your shop code for the Fashion Plaza.

Second PageEdit

This is just random information that has no bearing on gameplay.

M/F: The player's gender.            Pet: An animal the player has/would like to have as a pet.

Location: Where you are within the world.

Lifelong Dream: Gives a list of things that could be considered lifelong dreams.

Thoughts on Fashion: Gives a list of positive responses towards fashion.

Favorite Brand: Favorite brand within the game.

Taste in Clothes: Favorite tastes within the game.

Third PageEdit

This is the Stylist Pick Settings, the main page that streetpassers are interested in. This is treated as though you are a regular customer.

Outfit Theme: What taste you would ask for.

Your Customer Profile: A sentence that is like any other customer profile.

Budget: How much you are willing to spend on an outfit.

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