Rococco is a famous fashionista who runs her own articles in the Nuances Magazine, Rococo Raves. In the original game, Rococco was also the host of fashion contests. She is known as the Phoenix of Fashion.

In Trendsetters, the Player will meet her son, Rocco.


Rococco is an adult with an "odd" taste in fashion. She has very short black hair and wears a pair of colored glasses. She wears a low-cut purple top with feathery sleeves, a pink tank-top, and a gold and black jaguar vest over it. She also wears several pieces of jewelry.

Rococco RavesEdit

Fashion TastesEdit


  • In Japan, Rococco is a man and had facial hair in the first game. Outside of Japan, Rococco was made a woman.

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