Style Savvy is a series of games produced by Syn Sophia for the Nintendo DS/3DS. In Japan the series is known as Wagamama Fashion, while in Pal territories it is known as Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique.

The first game was released in Japan on October 23, 2008.



In each game, the player plays the role of an upcoming boutique/shop owner. They work to put together outfits and sell items to their customers while taking part in fashion contests and getting to know their customers and the celebrities around town.

In the third game, the player can also become a fashion designer, a model, a beautician, and a hair stylist, on top of owning the shop.  

Main LocationsEdit

Each game offers a variety of locations, but they also share a lot of common hot spots:

  • Shop/Boutique - the location the player will spend most of their time at.
  • Home - Where the Player lives.
  • Contest Hall
  • Hair Salon
  • Makeup Store
  • Buyers Center - where new items are bought for the shop.


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