The Style Index is the game's dictionary, giving simple definitions to terms that are used in the games. The terms
Style Index
will always be bolded and blue (if new) or yellow (if old), and will have the option of being defined in a new window when shown up in the text. 

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Name Image Key Words Description
Accessory Necklace Accents, ornaments, embellishments Add some flair to your outfit with a few carefully selected accessories, such as necklaces, scarves, or gloves. Often the key to perfect coordination, accessories can make or break an ensemble.
ADELIA Logo Cool and glamorous beauty This brand features makeup items especially designed to exude a strong, confident look. Perfect for a fancy night on the town or on the red carpet.
Aeronef Logo Fresh, casual male fashions This contemporary brand has a broad range of refreshing designs and stylish items. Capture the relaxed look that's ideal for the fashionable, modern male!
After Party N/A Special reception for contest winners This party is held after the fashion contests. If you win the competition, you can attend the after party. You never know who you might see there, so make sure you're dressed to the nines!
Amusement Park Balloon Fairgrounds, festival, carnival Dress sharp, and head for a day (or night) of fun at the amusement park. You can take a spin on the carousel, ride sky-high on the Ferris wheel, or nibble on sugary cotton candy!
App N/A Software for your cell phone "App" is an abbreviation for application. Your cell phone has various apps such as a photo album, a personal planner, and other fun gadgets!
Artist N/A Creative types Whether in visual arts, dance, music, or fashion, many people work as professional artists. A good grasp of art could even help you with your stylist skills!
Asian-Inspired N/A From the Far East

A term used to describe a fashion style that features an exotic, Eastern flavor. Some of these items are traditional, such as kimono, while some use Asian-inspired designs.

Representative Brand: Kanakoi

AZ-USA Logo Glitz and glam for the party girl AZ-USA is the epitome of flashy fashion, complete with daring animal prints, bold designs, and micro-miniskirts. Get bold, girl!


Name Image Key Words Description
Bag Purse Purse, sack, tote An accessory in which you can carry your personal items. This category features bags to suit your every need, from clutches to backpacks to briefcases. You can never go wrong with a bag--even if it's empty!
Base Layer base layer Innermost item in an ensemble Clothing that is in direct contact with the skin, a base layer can be worn by itself or beneath another piece. If an item is available as both a base layer and a top, select it as a base layer to wear it tucked into a skirt or pants.
Basic N/A Simple and functional

Keep things simple with the basic look. Easy to wear and easy to pair with other styles too!

Representative Brand: Uber Cloth

Beginner Contest Trophy A competition for novice stylists. This contest gives talented amateurs a chance to test their styling skills. Michaela and Avery are the contest organizers. Stylists who win this competition will move forward to complete in the Premier Contest
Blouse N/A A loose upper garment for ladies A shirt, often made of cotton or silk, with a relaxed fit. Woman's blouses are often decorated with patterns or embellishments and have a decidedly feminine feel.
Blush Blusher Bottle Cheeky girl! A powder- or creme-based cosmetic worn on the cheeks. Long ago, girls could only pinch their cheeks to give them a little color. But now you can use blush to contour the face or give yourself a cute, rosy look.
Boho-Chic N/A Free spirited, flowing, earthy

Inspired by organic designs and unique colors, the boho-chic style features fashions from tropical countries and faraway lands. Perfect for the mordern-day flower child.

Representative Brand: soymilk

Bold N/A Do you dare?

The bold style features items and outfits that are glitzier and flashier than your average fare. Perfect for a party or a night on the town!

Representative Brand: AZ-USA, Dept. 9

Boots N/A Tall footwear that covers the ankles Originally intended to protect the feet from cold temperature or hazardous working conditions, boots are now recognize as an indispensable fashion staple.
Bottoms N/A Garments worn from the waist down The generic term for clothing, such as pants or skirts, that are worn below the waist. Choosing fabulous bottoms is every bit as important as choosing a fabulous top!
Boyish N/A Youthful, energetic, tomboy A style that emphasizes a fresh and childlike charm, short hairstyles, and unadorned clothes. The woman who describes herself as boyish shuns pretty styles for this clean and carefree look.
British N/A Brits, Britons, across the pond The British have a style all ther own. From colorful plaids to traditional items sporting the famous Union Jack, the British look inspires a sense of history and class.
Buyer's Center Shopping Bag Venue for purchasing retail items Browse through unqiue brands and limited-time items to build up your boutique's stockroom. You'll receive samples of each item you purchase, delivered straight to your apartment. All brands are available on Sundays!


Name Image Key Words Description
Cafe Drink A casual coffee bar This stylish cafe is one of the most popular in town. It serves delicious drinks and sweet desserts day or night. The perfect place to relax after a hard day's work!
Cake Shop Cake Slice Satisfy your sweet tooth If you have a weakness for sugary baked goods, then head over to the most popular shop in town. Colorful cakes and candies line the shelves, so bring a friend with whom you can share a treat!
Camisole N/A Sleeveless top with straps A sleeveless item for women that was once worn under other clothing but is now sometimes worn alone as a top. It's versatile, so try using it in a different look! Also known as a cami.
Cantata Modo Logo Turn on the charm A refined brand that features elegant, feminine styles. Cantata Modo's sister brand, Cantata Tasca, features similarly themed purses and bags.
Cantata Tasca Logo Ladylike bags for charming ladies As Cantata Modo's sister brand, Cantata Tasca carries elegant purses, clutches, and suitcases that embody a demure and feminine style
Cardigan N/A A top that opens in the front A sweater or jacket that opens in the front, often with buttons or other fasteners. It's a popular layering piece because it's easy to put on ad take off as the temperature changes. Also called a cardi.
Cashmere N/A Fabric crafted from the wool of goats Compared to sheep's wool, cashmere is a softer, finer, and more expensive fabric. Definitely a luxury item!
Castellan Logo An upscale brand for discerning men The ideal look for the gentleman who spares no expense on his wardrobe. Expensive fabrics and posh styles typify this luxury brand.
Casual Dress Dress Combined top and skirt A garment that a connected skirt and top, making it a one-piece item. Because they allow for easy changes and have a nice silhouette, dresses have become a must-have fashion staple.
Cat-Eye Glasses N/A Stylish reeeow! Eyeglasses or sunglasses that sometimes featured horned rims and a bit of flare at the outer edges.
Charisma N/A The ability to charm another Someone's special charm or appeal. For a few people, strong charisma can lead to fame and popularity.
Checks N/A A grid-pattern design Designs and patterns made up of vertical and horizontal lines in a grid pattern. Includes designs such as houndstooth, a specific pattern of checks that resemble the tooth of a dog.
Chic N/A Sophisticated and fashionable An in-vogue look that's both modest and composed. Never too flashy, but definitely never dull, "chic" refers to the hottest trends that are also very elegant.
Closet House Wardrobe A gigantic room where your amazing collection of accessories, shoes, and clothing is stored. All of the sample items from the Buyer's Center will appear here. You can spend hours trying on outfits!
Coat N/A Outerwear for chilly days and nights Often used for warmth during cold seasons, coats can also make a fashion statement. They come in a variety of styles such as peacoats, trench coats, ponchos, and capes.
Colored Contacts Contact Bottle Pick a shade, any shade While some contact lenses are prescription, these lenses are for purely aesthetic purposes. Use these in your arsenal of eye makeup for a bewitching makeover.
Concert Venue Disco Ball Dance club, nightclub, discotheque The hippest place to see and be seen! Dance the night awa while listening to the most popular bands in town. This venue is only open at night, so make sure your dress accordingly.
Contemporary N/A Informal and modern clothing

A style of clothing that is casual yet hip. Contemporary items and outfits are ideal for everyday wear and for feeling fashionable without going overboard.

Representative Brand: Aeronef

Contest N/A Coordination competition For serious fashionistas only! Prove your styling skills in a series of contests, each more challenging than the last. Create an outfit to fit the theme, and send your model down the runway to show it off!
Contest Hall Trophy The place where stylists compete The Fashion Contest takes place in the Contest Hall, an enormous amphitheater that features a stage, a runway, and ample seating. Only open at night!
Cool Beauty N/A A gorgeous woman who stays cool A type of beauty typified by an aloof, sophisticated, unemotional personality.
Cute N/A Precious and adorable Not just for kittens anymore! "Cute" can be used to describe fashion styles and individual items alike, from dainty dresses to quirky shoes.


Name Image Key Words Description
Dept. 9 Logo An edgy brand with major street cred Make a statement with Dept. 9's wild prints, bright colors, and flashy fashions. Not every guy can pull off this brand's cool duds, but those who can are definitely hip to the latest street styles!
DJ N/A Disc Jockey DJ is the abbreviation for disc jockey, a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. MC Mode is the DJ who spins discs for the Fashion Contest.
Dots N/A Pattern of circles Dots or polka dots refer to a repeated pattern of filled-in circles. Garments with dot pattern are considered to be very mod, so use dots to give an outfit a playful pop.
Downtown Directional Arrows The center of the city The crossroads of the most stylish avenues in town where you'll find hot boutiques and hip people. Make sure you coordinate an amazing ensemble for yourself, because you never know who you'll run into!


Name Image Key Words Description
Edgy N/A Wild punk fashion

The edgy style is perfect for punks, rockers, and everyone in between. Featuring cool items with wild designs and heavy metal!

Representative Brands: StageDive, Dept. 9

Elite Contest Trophy The pinnacle of the national contests Only the most successful stylists are invited to participate in this exclusive competition. Michaela herself is a former Elite Contest champion. Winners of this challenge move on to compete in the International Contest.
Exterior Building The outside of the shop Make a great first impression on your customers by selecting the perfect exterior for your shop. Choose from new door frames, signage, and windows. You can really change a store's look by changing its exterior.
Eye Shadow Eye compact Accentuates and highlights the lids A cream- or powder-based cosmetic that is applied to the eyelids in order to add depth, dimension, and color. Match the color of your eye shadow to the color of your outfit to make a bold statement!
Eyeliner Eyeliner pen Defines and outlines the eye First used in ancient Egypt, eyeliner is now one of the more indispensable items in any makeup bag. Experiment with different colors to really make your eyes pop!


Name Image Key Words Description
Fanciful N/A Enchanting and doll-like Deck yourself out in ribbons, frills, and lace to create a dainty image. Your castle in the sky awaits!
Fashion N/A The art of clothing A term used to encompass clothes and other elements that express style. The word originally came from the verb that means "to create." Nowadays it refers to an entire industry!
Fashion Contest Trophy Show off your styling skills A competition that is held at the Contest Hall in town. Avery, a former supermodel, has organized these contests to give talented, young stylists a chance to create amazing ensembles.
Fashion Jacket N/A Stylish, sleeved outerwear A stylish jacket can protect against a strong breeze but also add a touch of flair to an outfit. Jackets can be made from a variety of materials, and they come in different shapes and lengths too.
Faux Fur N/A Fake Fur Go faux! Instead of using real fur, many designers use synthetic fibers that are designed to re-create stylish fur patterns.
Feminine N/A Graceful, charming, refined

Embrace your softer side and coordinate an elegant outfit. This style combines classic pieces and sophisticated colors.

Representative Brands: Cantata Modo, Cantata Tasca

Finishing Touch N/A Accent An accent piece that really makes an outfit stand out! Use a finishing touch on an ensemble that otherwise wouldn't pop.
Flirty N/A A wink and a smile

The flirty style features items that are fresh and fun (and eye catching too!). Not as bold as some other styles, but definitely sassy!

Representative Brand: Le Spark

Flower Stand Flowers Loves me, loves me not. Get your floral fortune told at this portable flower stand in the park. Daisy runs it during the day, while her brother Reed works the night shift.
Frills N/A Ruffles, trimming, adornments Frills are fluttering strips of fancy fabric. They are used to decorate collars, hems, and cuffs in order to give clothing a sweet, sentimental image.
Full Outfit N/A A perfectly coordinated ensemble An ensemble with pieces that work together for a coordinated look. Have fun selecting items that combine to create your ideal version of a fashion style!
Furniture Shop Chair Couches, tables, beds, and more Redecorating your room is a cinch thanks to Harris, the fashionable fellow who runs the best furniture store in town. Check out the gorgeous offerings, and rearrange your apartment to suit your mood!


Name Image Key Words Description
Girly N/A Enchanting, romantic, whimsical

From delicate knits to flowery frocks, each item in this style evokes a lovely charm. Perfect for women who want to feel feminine but youthful!

Representative Brand: Marzipan Sky

Glasses Red Glasses Framed spectacles for the face Some people have to wear glasses to improve teir vision. But you can also pop on a pair of stylish lenses to improve your look! This fashion accessory can add a lot of savvy to your style.
Gloves Blue Gloves Covering for bare hands Gloves and mittens are typically worn over the hands and fingers to keep the extremities warm. But in the fashion world, these accessories can add a spark of attention to an otherwise dull ensemble.
Gorgeous N/A Flashy, luxurious You can pull off a gorgeous look by dressing up in a fancy outfit and painting the town red!
Gothic N/A Dark, dramatic, Victorian

Elaborate and mysterious fashions patterned after clothing worn by aristocrats of the Victorian era. Also features lace, frills, and deep colors.

Representative Brand: Raven Candle

Gothic Princess N/A Fanciful and enigmatic combined

A new style from Japan that mixes the gothic and princess styles to create ensemble that are both sugary sweet and dramatically dark!

Representative Brands: Raven Candle, Marble Lily


Name Image Key Words Description
Hair Accessory N/A Ribbons, bows, and flowers, oh my! A generic term for any decorative accessory worn in the hair or on the head. Pair a good hair accessory with your stylist outfits for a head-to-toe look.
Hair Salon Scissors The place to go for a new 'do Changing your hair to match your most recent ensemble is as easy as pie at the hottest hair salon in town. You can try out chic new hairstyles, hair colors, and eyebrows with the help of owner Celeste
Hairstyle N/A Cut, 'do The cut, style, and colot of your hair are key components f your overall look. Your hairstyle is one of the first things people notice about you, so be sure it reflects the impression you want to make!
Hairstylist N/A An artists specializing in hairdos Hairstylists can b tasked with simple upkeep or creating a new style to suit a particular theme or mood. A good hairstylist can also create a look to match a client's makeup and outfit.
Harlow Heights Logo Smart styles for scholarly students. Get preppy in the brand that turned traditional British fashion on its ear! Featuring classic, tailored items and snappy designs in plaids, stripes, and tartans.
Hat Pink Hat Covering for the head Hats are items that are worn on the head. Useful for protecting your head and hair from rain, wind, snow, and sun. These handy, dandy accessories can really make heads turn!
High Heels N/A Shoes that raise the heel Women's shoes that raise the heel, which adds height to the wearer and makes the legs look longer.
Hiking Boots N/A Boots for mountain climbing Boots, often waterproof, designed for long treks. They're meant to support the foot, so function is very important. But many recent designs are stylish as well!
Hooded Trap N/A A sweatshirt or top with a hood Also known as a hoodie, these comfy tops sometimes feature large pockets. Most have a casual look and are popular with the younger crowd.
Hotel Drink and another object Event central! Located in the heart of town, this swank hotel is THE place to hold parties and special events. Winners of the Fashion Contest are feted here during the after party.
Hybrid N/A Combination of distinct types An objects or concept that combines two or more distinct elements or functions.


Name Image Key Words Description
Interior Building The inside of your shop and room Every boutique should feature a style all its own. You can spend money you've earned to redecorate the shop's interior (and your own room) to match a specific style. This has an effect on which customers stop by!
International Contest Trophy The most important contest EVER Only stylists who have won the Elite Contest are invited to compete in the International Contest, the ultimate competition in style. Winners who hold this crown are the creme de la creme of the fashion world.
Inventory Control N/A Clearing out your stockroom Sorting and disposing of items in the shop's inventory that didn't sell or are no longer in season. Unfortunately, you can only keep a limited amount of inventory in your stockroom.
Item N/A Fashion detail Any individual piece of clothing or accessory used to create a look or accentuate a style.


Name Image Key Words Description
Jeans N/A Denim pants Originally intended as sturdy work clothes, jeans are not a versatile fashion staple. Ripped, faded, colored, jeweled--there's no end to the style possibilities!
Jolli Lolli Logo Candy-colored cosmetics These colors will pop off your face! Jolli Lolli features vibrant shades of lipsticks, eye shadows, and liners. A fantastic brand for kids at heart.
Jumpsuit N/A Fun, one-piece garment A jumpsuit is an item that combines a top and pants into one garment. Have fun pairing these with base layers and outerwear to create fun, stylish looks!


Name Image Key Words Description
Kanokoi Logo Fashion inspired by the Far East An exotic brand featuring items influenced by traditional Chinese and Japanese styles. Check the Kanokoi booth at the Buyer's Center often for special seasonal items, such as yukata.
Kimono N/A Traditional Japanese clothing While Westerners are used to pants and dresses, the Japanese have for centuries decked themselves out in these beautiful robes that feature wide sleeves. The sash, known as an obi, can be tricky to tie!


Name Image Key Words Description
Lace N/A Ornate, patterned material Described as "jewels of thread," lace is a delicate fabric that has been knitted or crocheted into an open pattern. Adorn yourself in lace for a sentimental, ladylike look.
Lavender Fields Flower Full-bloom flowers A large field of vivid lavender flowers that are bathed in sunlight. Nature's harmonious blend of colors will soothe the soul, and it may inspire yo uto wear a beautiful floral outfit as well!
Le Spark Logo Eye-catching looks with extra sass Spice up your wardrobe with the freshest, flirtiest styles in town. Hot pinks, polka dots, and big, beautiful bows adorn many of the items in this sweet and sassy brand.
Leggings N/A From hips to ankles Unlike tights, leggings don't extend past the ankles, so you won't get sweaty feet! Even better, you can wear them with sandals. They're very popular and not just for the ladies-- men can wear leggings too!
Limited-Time Items N/A Special, not always available A limited-time item is ap iece that is only sold on certain days. There is a different limited-time item for sale in the Buyer's Center each day, so don't hesitate to grab it!
Lola Doux Logo Sweet and pretty cosmetics Sweeten up your face with this makeup brand, famous for sweet and soft pastels. A lovely look for girly girls!
Long Skirt N/A A leg-covering skirt This term refers to a skirt that extends to the calf, ankle, or even beyond! Long skirts can be formal or have a relaxed, flowing feel.
Luxury N/A Expensive, swank, high end.

The peak of sophistication. Jet-setters and celebrities love to shell out big bucks for luxury brands.

Representative Brands: Zhade, STRAVA, Castellan


Name Image Key Words Description
Makeover N/A Update your image! A change in clothing, hair, makeup, or accessories that give you a new look...and sometimes a fresh outlook on life!
Makeup N/A Lipstick + mascara = lovely An indispensable tool for the modern girl. Head to the makeup salon to try your favorite cosmetics and decorate your lovely face!
Makeup Artist N/A Cosmetologist, cosmetic specialist Makeup artists use their skills with brushes and colors to apply lovely cosmetics to their clients' faces. You can trust these artists to create a beautiful look for you!
Makeup Studio Lipstick The place to fancy up your face A makeup salon originally owned by Ingrid's grandmother. Complete your look with cosmetics to match your outfit and hairstyle. Unlock new brands and makeup artists for an even bigger cosmetics selection!
Marble Lily Logo Pretty, pretty princess You'll feel like a fairy-tale princess in fluffy, pink petticoats and sweet, ruffled tops from Marble Lily. Dress up like a dainty doll, and revel in the fanciful dream!
Marzipan Sky Logo Embrace your girly side Marzipan Sky offers enchanting styles as sweet and delicate as the confection after which the brand is named. A charming take on the romantic fashions popular in Paris.
Mascara Gold mascara Enhances and dramatizes the lashes A cosmetic applied directly to the eyelashes to make them appear thicker and longer. Black and brown used to be the only colors available. But today, you can get this makeup in every color of the rainbow.
Miniskirt N/A A skirt that ends above the knee A super-short skirt! A miniskirt definitely puts the spotlight on the legs.
Mint Sprinkles Logo Pop! Pop! Pop! Vibrant colors really pop in the cute designs from this brand. These youthful styles are bound to put a cheer in your heart and a sparkle in your eye!
Mira Luna Shirt Michaela's beautiful boutique Mira Luna is a well-known fashion shop, managed by Michaela, one of the most famous stylists in town. "Mira" refers to a star, while "Luna" refers to the moon.
My Aparment Building A room of your own Get away from the hustle and bustle of life with a time-out in your very own apartment. This is the place to experiment with new clothes and gorgeous cosmetics. You can even redecorate your room's furnishings!


Name Image Key Words Description
Naima Logo Pure and natural Naima is a makeup brand that features cosmetics made from natural, organic materials that are gentle on the skin. These cosmetics are perfect for attaining that special "inner glow" look!
Natural N/A Organic, pure, simple It takes a lot of work to achieve the natural look. Avoid flashy colors and stick with earthy tones that evoke the natural world. The perfect look for a woman who doesn't feel like getting too dolled up!
Necklace N/A Jewelry worn around the neck A necklace can be made with jewels, beads, fine metals, and more. This is an excellent accessory to wear with an open-necked outfit.
Necktie N/A Knotted at the neck Originally an item worn by men for formal and casual occasions alike, the necktie is definitely the go-to item for putting finishing touches on a chic menswear look.
Nostalgic N/A Old fashioned, from another era If you're feeling wistful for days gone by, try creating a nostalgic look by using different period pieces that were trendy in another era. Maybe your style will help bring a nostalgic look back into the modern spotlight!
Nuances N/A The hottest fashion magazine Check out the menu on your cell phone to access Nuances, a hip webzine packed full of the latest trends. Popular shops are sometimes featured in articles! You can also buy items featured in this hip zine.


Name Image Key Words Description
Order N/A Special request A request for an item for construction or delivery. Ordering a custom-fitted garment to be worn by a single customer is often referred to as "haute couture."
Outerwear Yellow Jacket Outer layer for the upper body The outermost layer of clothing, meant to be worn over a base layer and/or a top. Examples of outerwear include jackets, coats, and down vests.
Outfit N/A Ensemble Create an outfit by combination individual items for an amazing look. You can coordinate ensembles by choosing clothes and accessories with complementary colors, fabrics, or styles.


Name Image Key Words Description
Pants Green Pants Trousers, breeches, pantaloons A garment worn from the waist down that covers each leg individually. Pants come in various lengths, from the shortest of shorts to pairs whose hems literally brush the floor.
Park Bench A place for public recreation This grassy expanse of land is meant for the townspeople to use and enjoy. Take a stroll, chat with a friend, and admire the changing colors of the leaves on the trees.
Party Dress N/A Fancy one-piece garment Women often wear these beautiful garments for special occasions like festivals or parties. Whether stark or splashy, they're designed to grab attention!
Perfume Pink Perfume Bottle Fine fragrance Perfumes are delicious-smelling cosmetic products that infuse your skin and clothes with a lovely scent. Buying and wearing a new perfume item from the makeup salon can give you a fresh outlook on life!
Petticoat Skirt N/A A frilly skirt trimmed with ruffles Designed in 18-century Europe to be worn under a dress to make it puff out. Today, people usually wear them as skirts rather than underskirts.
Photo Studio Camera The place for professional portaits. Put your image of the capable hands of Teagan, the best photographer in town. This is also the place your photo taken for your Profile Card!
Picnic Area Picnic Basket The place to chown down Soak up the sun on a warm day down at the picnic area, where friends and families alike gather to celebrate with a delicious feast--and maybe some games too!
Pigtails N/A Hairstyle featuring two ponytails A sweet, youthful 'do consisting of two ponytails, usually framing the face. If the hair is wavy, it can resemble the curly tail of a pig!
Pop N/A Cheerful and fun fashions

Add a little spunk to your life with the vibrant colors and goofy designs that are unique to the pop style.

Representative Brand: Mint Sprinkles

PopQuiz Logo A time warp into funky fashion The most popular styles of the '60's and '70's are back with a flair! Go retro in kaleidoscopic colors and patterns with this mod brand.
Posh N/A Splashy and showy Once used to describe the upper class, this term can also describe fashions that are stunning, chic, and very expensive looking!
Premier Contest Trophy The contest after Beginners A contest for styles that is one rank higher than the contest for beginners. If you master the contest theme, you'll be recognized as a top-notch stylist. More importantly, you'll move up to the next contest!
Preppy N/A Upper class, exclusive, Ivy League

This casual yet classic style is dominated by pleated skirts, argyle sweaters, and leather loafers. Not just for honor-roll students!

Representative Brand: Harlow Heights

Princess N/A Fanciful, frilly, girly

A fairy-tale fashion style with ample lace and frills. With spring-inspired colors and silhouettes inspired by royalty, the princess style will make you feel like...well, a princess.

Representative Brand: Marble Lily

Professional N/A Seeking stylish business attire Refers to a woman who works in an office enviroment and wants to look fashionable doing it!
Profile Card N/A Info exchanged via StreetPass Profile Cards feature customized information about your fashion preferences. If you swap these cards with other nearby players via StreetPass, they'll swing by your store as customers!
Punk N/A Rough, rock, revolutionary Items that celebrate your inner punk rocker. Corsets and miniskirts alike feature the chains, metal studs, and safety pins that punctuate this cool, defiant look.


Name Image Key Words Description
Raven Candle Logo Gorgeous goth girl Dress up like a dark, dramatic doll in styles inspired by Victorian fashion. This brand uses frills, ribbons, and lace to create elaborate Gothic ensemble.
Redecorate N/A Change up the look of your room It's a cinch to give your apartment a whole new look. Just head over to the furniture store for new curtains, wall decorations, tables, beds, and more. You can even color coordinate your room with your latest outfit!
Restaurant A drink next to another object Deluxe dine-in delight Fast food is forbidden here at the fanciest establishment in town. Perhaps the maitre d' will seat you near the window so you can soak in sweeping nighttime vistas while sampling delicious morsels.
Retro N/A Groovy, mod, colorful

The retro look uses lively colors and intense patterns to evoke a style reminiscent of the swinging 1960s and 1970s.

Representative Brand: PopQuiz

Retrogroovy N/A Retro + groovy Retrogroovy is a hot new term used to describe items that are both... well, retro and groovy! PopQuiz features many items that are retrogroovy, you dig?
Rock Festival N/A Outdoor music concert A large rock-music show, usually held outdoors due to the size of the crowd and number of bands playing. Fashion and music are often tied together and can be important influences on each other.
ROKSANA Logo Makeup for a gothic glow ROKSANA specializes in cosmetics that feature dark, bewitching colors. Dark grays and purples populate this brand, including entrancing colored contacts!
Rose Garden Rose A garden full of roses in full bloom The sight of this sun-drenched garden, permeated by the fragrance of roses, makes the heart skip a beat!
Runway N/A On the catwalk Models stride up and down runways during fashion shows. These narrow, elevated platforms are the perfect place to display stunning ensembles to a cheering audience!
Runway Model N/A The stylist's muse What better way to display your stunning ensembles than with a model? These hardworking professionals love to strut their stuff on the narrow strip of stage called a runway.
Runway Shopping Trophy Buying straight from the catwalk A system that allows you to easily buy outfits being worn by models on the runway. If you see an outfit that you've got to have, don't let the opportunity pass you by!


Name Image Key Words Description
Sample N/A Double your pleasure When you buy accessories and clothes at the Buyer's Center, you'll be sent a sample of each item. Order an item for your stockroom, and you will get one for your closet too. Fill up your personal wardrobe in a flash!
Sandals N/A A sole fastened to the foot by straps Shoes that expose much of the feet. They're often worn in summer to keep the feet cool. For some fashion lovers, sandals provide a chance to show off their socks!
Satelite 365 N/A The hottest band in town Rockers on the fast track to fame! They have a rich repetoire of songs ranging from thrash to power ballads. Celeste, the owner of the hair salon, has a major crush on the lead guitarist.
Scarf Yellow Scarf Muffler, kerchief, stole A piece of decorative fabric to be worn wrapped or draped around the neck, the scarf does double duty in the fashion world--it keeps the neck and chest warm, and it also serves as a stylish accessory.
Shirt N/A A cloth garment for the upper body An item of clothing worn directly on the upper body. You can wear one as a base layer underbeath another item or alone for crisp, streamlined look.
Shoes Blue Shoes Outer coverings for the feet Fashion starts at the feet, or so the saying goes. And it's true--the right pair can make or break an outfit. This category includes sandals, sneakers, high heels, boots, and more.
Shop Window N/A A place to display mannequins Put together the perfect display in your shop window to show off the shop's style. You can dress up mannequins in your shop's featured style and decorate the window with comlementary items.
Shorts N/A Short pants Originally used as workout wear, shorts have become a key fashion item for highlighting the legs.
Signature Walk N/A Strut your stuff In the fashion world, a model's signature walk refers to the way he or she moves down the runway. A fabulous signature walk can really make the audience--and judges--notice an outfit.
Silk N/A A fine, lustrous fiber Silk is a surprisingly strong but exquisitely soft and natural fiber that is created by silkworms. Long regarded as a luxury item, it is durable and lovely.
Simple N/A Uncomplicated, straightforward

Items and designs that feature consistent colors and basic patterns. These pieces easily coordinate with other items and give your ensembles a professional look.

Representative Brand: Uber Cloth

Skirt Green Skirt Draped garment for the lower body An item that practically defines feminity in fashion, skirts are cone-shaped pieces of clothing that are worn wrapped around the waist. From micro to mini to long, skirts are available in lengths to suit everyone!
Sneakers N/A Rubber-soled exercise shoes Because they're made for action, sneakers are often worn while participating in sports. But there are many types of sneakers, including some that focus on fashion more than function.
Socks Green Socks Stockings, feet warmers Socks are soft, stretchy, tubular items worn over the feet and/or legs. These close-fitting accessories can make shoes more comfortable, more dramatic, and more fashionable!
soymilk Logo Brilliant boho-chic beauties Free your spirit and open your mind with the flowing fabrics and earthy colors made popular by this all-natural brand.
Sporty N/A Refreshing and active

The sporty style feeatures items and outfits that are comfortable and easy to move around in. Perfect for active occasions where you still want to look fashionable!

Representative Brand: Zip Line

StageDive Guitar Rockin' your socks off! No brand personifies the rock-and-roll lifestyle like StageDive. From leather jackets to metal-studded skirts, these edgy styles are perfect for punk rockers!
Starry Hill Star with pink tail Star-studded nighttime views During the day, the lavender fields are lovely to look at. But at night, this area is known as Starry Hill, the perfect place to look for shooting stars.
Station Plaza Fountain An open-air gathering place You don't ave to ride the rails to enjoy the station plaza. This all-purpose space is great for meeting friends and people watching. It's also famous for the elaborate decorations during certain holidays!
STRAVA Logo High-end bags for high society This luxury brand carries only the most upscale bags, purses, and suitcases. The perfect accessory for an affluent fashion lover!
Street Style N/A Urban fashions

A cool and edgy style inspired by hip-hop music, typified by jerseys, caps, and baggy jeans.

Representative Brand: Dept. 9

Stripes N/A A border pattern A pattern of parallel lines against a plain background.
Student Style N/A A pretty style popular with students Sophisticated yet casual, this style is characterized by classic, high-quality pieces such as blazers, sweaters, and penny loafers. A school emblem provides the perfect finishing touch!
Stylish N/A Trendy, hip, cutting edge The hottest new fashions. So new that practically no one knows about them yet! Keep your eyes on the trendsetters to get a scoop on what's stylish this season.
Stylist N/A A master of fashion A stylist is trained in the fine art of fashion, makeup, or hairstyling. You can depend on a good stylist to create an amazing ensemble, new cosmetics look, or divine hairstyle.
Sunglasses N/A Protect your eyes from the sun! Tinted glasses designed to shade the eyes in bright and sunny places. Sunglasses have become a fashion accessory regardless of sunlight--wearing sunglasses indoors at night is a pretty bold statement!
Supreme Stylist Trophy Winner of the Internatioonal Contest The highest honor in the fashion world. You may only refer to yourself as a Supreme Stylist if you've won the International Contest. Aspiring fashionistas would do just about anything to hold this title!


Name Image Key Words Description
T-shirt N/A A short-sleeved shirt This thin, short-sleeved garment was named for its resemblance to the letter T. It's a versatile item that is most often worn as an inner garment but can also be used as an outer-layer accent.
Tank Top N/A Close-fitting top with wide straps A collarless, sleeveless T-shirt. Because they're so easy to move in, tank tops are often used to exercise or as undergarments. But nowadays, styles range from plain to glitzy!
Taste N/A In the style of... The fashion genre or style to which one may gravitate. For example, if you have a taste for the retro look, you'll wear a lot of retro items.
Tearoom Tea Cup A high-class eater The tearoom is a perfect place to meet with friends and customers you want to impress. Decked out with comfortable furniture, it features refined music and a relaxing enviroment.
Teatro Amare Logo Fantastic facade of fashion A rare and eccentric brand simply brimming with imagination. Mis and match pieces to create extravagant costumes or to add just a hint of whimsy to your wardrobe.
Theme N/A Target look Each Fashion Contest features its own theme. If you manage to coordinate the ensemble that best fits the concept behind the contest, you'll take home the prize!
Tights N/A Nylon coverings for the legs Unlike leggings, tights cover the legs from hipes to toes. They're available in an infinite number of styles, colors, and patterns.
Top Red Top Middle layer for the upper body The top category features pieces of clothing that can be worn by themselves, over a base layer, or under an outerwear layer. Some tops are also featured in the base0layer category
Traditional N/A Classic The traditional style features items that take their inspiration from classic styles and age-old traditions.
Trendy and Cute N/A Sweet fashion with a spicy twist

Where good girl meets serious style! You can dress like a lovely lady but still stand out in the crowd with this look.

Representative Brand: Le Spark


Name Image Key Words Description
Uber Cloth Logo Affordable basics for both genders Uber Cloth is the go-to brand for those essential items that every well-rounded wardrobe needs. This popular brand is reasonably priced and offers clothes in a wide variety of colors.


Name Image Key Words Description
Vest N/A Sleeveless coat, waistcoat The first vests were constructed from men's jackets with the sleeves cut off. The sleeveless garments are worn on the upper body to add a layer for warmth or to bring a formal feel to an outfit.


Name Image Key Words Description
Wallpaper N/A Decorations for walls Wallpaper allows you to change the look and ambiance of your apartment and shop. Photorealistic prints of brick or wood grain can even simulate architectural changes.
Waterfront Branch with flowers Wash away your troubles The site of the biggest and most famous cherry tree in town. The tree blooms briefly every April, so make sure to visit in a fresh spring outfit. They also dye the river green for St. Patrick's day!
Wedding Dress N/A A dress for a blushing bride A wedding dress is one of the most powerful symbols of a marriage ceremony. It is often white and can be elaborately decorated.
Window Shopping N/A Just look--don't buy! The act of browsing the selection in store windows or even inside a store without buying anything. Just keep looking until you find yourself the perfect item!
Wireless Fashion Show N/A Friends can join the fun! Up to four friends can participate in a fashion show using wireless communication. If you choose an outfit based on a show's theme, you may win a special prize!


Name Image Key Words Description
Zhade N/A Luxury clothing and cosmetics Deck yourself out in pricey fabrics and posh styles usually reserved for celebrities and jet-setters. This swank brand also features a line of cosmetics to help cinch that glamorous look!
Zip Line Logo Active wear for energetic fashionistas Zip Line puts the "fun" in "functional" with brightly colored workout wear. Look stylish from the tennis court to the food court with comfy skirts, visors, shorts, and polo shirts.

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