Style Savvy: Fashion Forward
Style Savvy Fashion Forward
Kanji GIRLS MODE 3 キラキラ☆コーデ
English Style Savvy: Fashion Forward (North America)

New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward (PAL)

Developer Syn Sophia

Nintendo SPD

platform 3DS
Release Date April 16 2015 (Japan)

Nov 20 2015 (Europe)

Nov 21 2015 (Australia)

August 19 2016 (NA)

Genre Simulation

Style Savvy: Fashion Forward is the third game released in the Style Savvy series. Known as Girls Mode 3: Kirakira ☆ Code in Japan, and in PAL as Nintendo Presents: New Style Boutique 2 - Fashion Forward.


  • Over 19000 possible items
  • Several Careers to alternate between
  • The use of Amiibo to obtain exclusive items
  • Multiplayer Mode
  • A whole new Town layout and Activities
  • Shop for Doll House items to design your Boutique.
  • Add a little flair to the look with the introduction of Earrings.


New to the series is an Option to choose and alternate between 5 jobs.

Boutique OwnerEdit

The original job of the series. The player can customize and run their own shop, catering to their customers and selling various goods.


As a Makeup Maestro its up to you to transform your customer into the looks of their dreams.

Hair StylistEdit

Whether its dressy or casual, you're in charge of pleasing the customer.

Fashion DesignerEdit

Why sell fashions when you can make them yourself. Using the stencil outfits and swatches provided, create the next big thing. You can even design your own logo or emblem to personalize them.


When you get tired of watching others model your amazing creations, hit the runway yourself. Watch as your popularity sky rockets as your photos appear throughout town and you take on various jobs.


By connecting an Amiibo to the game, the Player can obtain exclusive items. To do that, they must scan the specific character, then a new customer wearing the item will arrive in their Boutique. If they are able to satisfy their request, the Player will receive the Amiibo item. 

These Include:

  • Mario - Mario Beret
  • Peach  - Peach Crown
  • Yoshi - Yoshi Hoodie (2 colors: Green and Yellow)
  • Kirby - Kirby Purse
  • Luigi, Bowser, or Toad - Star Brooch
  • Inkling Girl - Inky Leggings
  • Samus - Galactic Visor
  • Zero Suit Samus - Bounty Hunter Boots
  • Sheik - Sheikah Scarf
  • Zelda - Princess Tiara
  • Rosalina - Starry Dress
  • Palutena - Goddess Top
  • Wii Fit Trainer - Yoga Earrings
  • Isabelle - Town Secretary Top
  • Lucina - Warrior Skirt



  • This is the first game where the Player is given the option to do more than run their boutique.
  • This is also the first game to allow the use of Amiibo.
  • Besides the basic game, in NA a special 3DS bundle was also made available. 
  • In Japan, a dlc brand based off of Splatoon was released for the game.