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19th August 2016
Style Savvy: Fashion Forward was released in English.

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Nintendo 3DS - Style Savvy Trendsetters Trailer01:51

Nintendo 3DS - Style Savvy Trendsetters Trailer

Important AnnouncementEdit

News! Attention! We need members and people who are willing to edit pages and/or add photos to the wiki! No need to contact me, if you have the game and wanna contribute -- go right ahead! I will be contributing as well, in the meantime...

From Monenlaisia: I'm currently in the process of adding items to the Brands, but I can't add any pictures of the items themselves. If someone could start doing that, that would be great! -10/14/13

From Monenlaisia: I made things that are listed (such as items and customers) collaspable tables, and I tried to make it so that the item-lists can be sorted by Price, Type and Season. However, I can't find a way to make it so that they're both collaspable, as well as only being able to sort those three categories. Again, that would be great!

From Random: Hi! I am a Trendsetters player and happy to help! I have added some things already and can't wait to add more!

From MooseKipling: Monenlaisia, I would be more than happy to add pictures. :D

From Kellyotter : I'm currently making pages for the stylists, adding items to brands (starting with Marzipan Sky), updating the Hair Salon and Makeup Studio, and fixing spelling and grammar errors. We are in dire need of more photos! xx (8/13/15)

From Cubcake2001: Hello! I would love to help with pictures where they are needed! I know this game, is like, 4 years old, and I feel like almost no one plays it now, but still! I will add for those who do play! <3

Let's not use swear words please! Grow up and keep this wikia PG!

PAL InfoEdit

In the PAL version, this game is called New Style Boutique. The gameplay is similar, but many characters' names have been changed.

3DS NewStyleBoutique

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