"In the style of... The fashion genre or style to which one may gravitate."

--The game's definition.

Taste (PAL: Image) is the style of clothing that fits a certain niche. In Trendsetters there are sixteen styles of taste. Most of the customers the boutique will ask you for a certain style, as opposed to a certain brand. Each brand will mainly cater to one particular taste, but some clothing may fit or overlap into others as well.

The Types of TastesEdit

Asian-Inspired (PAL: Eastern)Edit

"From the Far East"

Represented by Kanokoi, Asian-Inspired consists of flower patterns, kimonos, and other designs that are exotic to the Western styles.


"Keep things simple with the basic look."

A style that is just as its namesake would say--simple and basic, with nothing too flashy. The main representative brand is Uber Cloth'.'

Boho-Chic (PAL: Ethnic)Edit

"Free spirited, flowing, earthy."

Organic clothes with earthy tones, Boho-chic is loved by those who love the Earth with all of their hearts. It is represented by soymilk.


"Do you dare?"

One could say this is the opposite of the Basic style. Everything is flashy, and the more the better! It is represented for women by AZ-USA, and for men by Dept. 9.

Contemporary (PAL: Casual)Edit

"Informal and modern clothing."

A style that is exclusive to the men's line Aeronef, Contemporary is one of the more popular brands. It's modern, yet cool.

Edgy (PAL:Rock)Edit

"Wild punk fashion."

The style that was made specifically for those who likes to go wild and party with the best of them. They like to rock out and look good while doing it! Brands that cater to this style are StageDive for women and Dept. 9 for men.


"Graceful, charming, refined."

The Feminine style is targeted towards those who wish to feel sophisicated and elegant. It is represented by the Cantata brands, Cantata Modo and Cantata Tasca. The former sells both clothing and bags, however the latter will sell bags exclusively.

Flirty (PAL:Glam)Edit

"A wink and a smile."

Perfect for those girls who wish to be sweet, while a little sassy as well! Cute and fun, this style by Le Spark is perfect for those girls who like to be both sugar and spice.


"Enchanting, romantic, whimsical."

A lovely style by Marzipan Sky, it's a sister-style to the Feminine line. One major difference: While the feminine is made to make women feel grown up, the Girl is made to make women feel young!


"Dark, dramatic, Victorian."

Mysterious fashions inspired by the victorian era, these clothes are the sister-style of the Princess line. Dark clothes that feature frills and lace are the cornerstone of this line. It's represented by Raven Candle.

Luxury (PAL: Chic)Edit

"Expensive, swank, high end."

Only the richest of the rich can afford to be this fashionable! Highly sophisticated, with clothes only made from the best material money can buy. Zhade is the representiative for women's fashions, STRAVA for bags and purses, and Castellan for men's fashions.

Pop (PAL:Lively)Edit

"Cheerful and fun fashions."

Made by Mint Sprinkles, this brand is all about the colors. Vibrant colors with flashy printing that just wearing them will make you feet happier!


"Upper class, exclusive, Ivy League."

This smart style is for those who love the academic look. Pleated skirts, checked patterns and argyle clothes is the mark of this style created by the Harlow Heights brand.

Princess (PAL: Baby Doll)Edit

"Fanciful, frilly, girly."

A fashion that's created for those girls who never gave up hope of one day becoming a princess. Marble Lily gives us dresses made up of beautiful colors, gloves made of lace, and shirts that would make any girl feel like she's waiting for her knight in shining armor.


"Groovy, mod, colorful."

Take a trip back in time with this style of intense patterns and crazy color combinations. Once you put on one of PopQuiz's clothes, you'll really feel as though you were in the 60's and 70's.


"Refreshing and active."

With these clothes, you'll feel like you can do anything! They're comfortable to move in while at the same time not sacrificing yourself from being fabulous! Only Zip Line can accomplish such a task!

Street StyleEdit

"Urban fashions."

Sometimes, male customers will wish you had more of this type of fashions in your stock. Well, don't despair! Dept. 9 will take care of those needs! This style features mostly jerseys, caps and baggy jeans that are on par with the Edgy style and inspired by hip hop.

Contest HallEdit

When you visit the Contest Hall at night, you will be asked to create an outfit based off a certain theme and showcase it infront of a waiting audience. Every theme will revolve at least one taste, however there are times where you will be asked to create an outfit based off two.

During the opening cutscene, MC Mode will announce to everyone the theme for that night. When you are choosing a model and creating an outfit, you will be able to see the theme in the top left corner of the screen.


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